Jason Lee Middle School

8500 NW 9th Ave Vancouver, Wa 98665-7715

Jason Lee Missions Statement: Open doors to student success, by developing life-long learners, responsible decision makers and caring and contributing members of society

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(360) 313-3500

Attendance Line: (360) 313-3520

E-mail: jasonlee.attendance@vansd.org

Fax: (360) 313-3501

School Closure Information Line (360) 313-1401

Want to e-mail a teacher? first.last@vansd.org

Administrative Staff:

Principal: Megan Vickery

Assoc. Principal: Sally Kroon

Dean: Kari Brandt

Office Staff:

Secretary: Kimberly Childress (360) 313-3502

Registrar: Sharon Hoekstra (360) 313-3510

Business Office: Victoria Gettys (360) 313-3507

Attendance Office: Debbie Dong (360) 313-3520

School Psychologist: Laree Foster (360) 313-3588

Library/Media Center: Cheryl Miller (360) 313-3512

Nurse: Joy Feltz (360) 313-3508

Interventions Specialist: TBD

FCRC: Hillary Cordova (360) 313-3517

School Counselors:

Karen Davis (Student last names from A-G) (360) 313-3576

Stephanie Amato (Student last names from H-O) (360) 313-3587

Heidi Axford (Student last names from P-Z) (360) 313-3528

Upcoming Dates

Feb 7 Battle of the Books/OBOS AM Assembly

Feb 8 Progress Reports Go Home

Feb 20 No School Presidents Day

PARKING LOT SAFETY- Parent Drop off and Pick-up

In order to minimize hazards to students we are asking drivers to follow these procedures to ensure a safe pick up and drop off using the north parking lot (The south parking lot is for our special education buses and is not a pick-up zone):

● Drop off time in the morning is 8:45 am

● Pick up time in the afternoon is 3:30-3:40 pm

● Please only travel north to south in the driveway when picking up and dropping off, making a loop toward the exit

● Pull as far forward as possible and continue doing so as cars pull out. We will be asking students to wait along the sidewalk

● Form ONE line next to the curb when waiting in your car. Do not stop in the middle of the driveway to pick up or drop off your student

● Remain in your car unless you are parked in a parking space

● Please find a parking space if there is no room along the curb

The diagram below may not be visible on your phones

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This competition will give middle school students 6th, 7th & 8th graders, the opportunity to become better informed about American democracy and test their civics knowledge for a chance to win recognition and cash prizes.

Vancouver, WA- The Greater Vancouver Chamber (GVC) proudly announces the launch of the 2023 National Civics Bee, an initiative aimed at encouraging more young Americans to engage in civics and contribute to their communities. Organized in partnership with The Civic Trust of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and supported by Career Connect Southwest – ESD 112, the competition will inspire middle school age youth in the southwest Washington region to become better informed about local, federal and state governments, a knowledge-set that can give employees a leg up in the job market.

All local 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are invited to participate in the first round of the contest, consisting of a short 500-word essay competition. The essay will give the students the chance to identify an opportunity or problem in their community and share their thoughts and ideas on how to solve it. The submission period will be from Saturday, January 14, to Friday, February 24, 2023.

After a panel of judges, formed by business and community leaders, review the essay submissions, the top 20 students will be selected to move on to the final round of the local competition: a live quiz event to test their civics knowledge. The finalists and top winners will receive various prizes, including $500 cash for the first-place student, $250 for the second place, and $125 for the third place.

“We believe at the Greater Vancouver Chamber that building community takes all of us! When children learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens, they become more aware of the impact that businesses and government policies have on their communities. This understanding can lead to more informed and active consumers, which can help to create a more stable and prosperous economy. Our business community relies on active professionals to make for a strong economy, and a strong workforce, and our region’s continued prosperity depends on both,” said Janet Kenefsky, Vice President of Operations for the Chamber.

The live quiz event will take place April 22, 2023, hosted by Washington State University Vancouver. The top three winners from southwest Washington will advance to the state competition to be held on June 1st, 2023. Prizes for the state include $1000 for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place.

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Join Art Club

Art Club begins Wednesday, January 25th (after school). If you would like to attend art club, please fill out this Google Form. The form will show you everything you need to know, including ALL OF THE DATES art club meets. There are 25 spots available.

Please Mr. Carder at chris.carder@vansd.org if you have additional questions.


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Year Book Pictures Needed

Please upload any pictures you think should be in this year's Yearbook! The Yearbook staff is specifically asking for the following:

- Pictures of students when they were a baby, or very young!

- Pictures of your sweet, beautiful, awesome pets!

- Student artwork!

- Candid photos... students with friends having fun, goofing off, being cute, or just hanging out!

- Spirit week photos!

- Students playing sports!
- Students in band, orchestra, or choir? Yeah, we need those too!


If there is any other pictures you feel would be awesome in the yearbook, send them our way! We will consider, and try to fit ALL pictures!


- Yearbook Staff

JLMS will be teaching the districts required Signs of Suicide Program

JLMS will be teaching the districts required Signs of Suicide Program by MindWise Tuesday Feb 21, 2023 to all students in PE/Heath Classes. We encourage you to talk to your child about the suicide prevention education they are receiving in school. Through SOS, we are teaching students to reach out to trusted adults if they are worried about themselves or a friend. While some students will reach out to school staff, many will reach out to their own parents with concerns.

Talking about these issues can be tough for families. In our society, mental health isn’t discussed openly like physical health. Feelings of depression are often hidden because youth are confused, embarrassed or ashamed and this secrecy can have dire consequences. You can help protect your child and their friends by starting a conversation about mental health. If you need help or are concerned please see attached resources, contact the Clark County Crisis Line (360) 696-9560 or the counselors here at Jason Lee. (360)-313-3500. Additionally, an opt out form will be coming home with your student a week or so prior to the lessons. Signs of Suicide coordinator is KarenDdavis- Alcide - karen.davis@vansd.org

Video link to videos your child will be seeing: https://sossignsofsuicide.org/parent/watch-videos

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Magnet & Program of Choice Video Links

Quick Look View at all Magnet Programs video link

Individual Magnet Programs

SMT video link Magnet Flyer link

International Baccalaureate video link - Magnet Flyer link

Vancouver School of Arts and Academics video link - Magnet Flyer link

Culinary Arts video link - Magnet Flyer link

FVHS Center for International Studies video link - Magnet Flyer link

Flex Academy video link - Magnet Flyer link

Careers in Education video link - Magnet Flyer link

Medical Arts video link - Magnet Flyer link

Advanced Manufacturing (formerly Welding) video link Magnet Flyer link

Bay ACES video link - Magnet Flyer link (no longer accept applications)

iTech Preparatory video link - Magnet Flyer link

All half-day programs will be AM for transportation purposes.

Magnet Applications FAQs - English link - Russian link - Spanish link

Information Needed to Apply to Magnet & Programs of Choice 2022-2023 link

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2023 Secondary Programs of Choice/Magnet Open House Dates, Locations and Due Dates for Applications

English Link

Russian Link

Spanish Link

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Find your lost phone!

At this time there are four student phones turned into the office. We are hoping to have students come claim their phone.

Here are some possible solutions to getting lost phones returned to the owner:

  • We had success returning a phone because a mother put, “If you find this phone call my mom at (360) xxx-xxxx” on the phone’s lock screen!
  • Another time a parent put a name and phone number on a piece of paper between the phone and the phone case! (we do check)
  • Parents find phones by stopping by the office and checking out our lost and found.
  • If your student has lost a phone, glasses, Air-Pods Earbuds, or coats, have him/her check the office numerous times over a week or two. Sometimes students only check once!

Friendly reminder of the VPS Technology Responsible Use and Safety Agreement for Trimester 2:

As stated in the WeLearn 1:1 student are expected to:

  • Charge your 1:1 device at home every night and bring it to school each day.
  • Communicate responsibly!
  • Back up important files regularly
  • Use technology for school-related purposes only- do not take pictures or video of other students or staff without their permission
  • Follow copyright laws and fair use guidelines

Jason Lee Students going to Europe AND Costa Rica in Summer 2023!

Your student is invited to join us on an upcoming educational travel experience in the summer of 2023! Ms. Silvey is taking a group to Costa Rica, and Mr. Carder is taking a group to Europe (France and Spain).

When students travel, they expand their knowledge of the world around them, discover more about themselves, and grow more confident. These skills are critical for creating the global citizens of tomorrow, and I would love to have your student join me on this adventure.

Come hear all the details, including the itinerary, activities, academic opportunities, cost of this trip, and EF’s risk-free enrollment period at our informational meeting on October 26th at 6:30 in the Jason Lee library.

During the meeting, we will cover all the details pertaining to BOTH TRIPS, so you can decide which one is right for you and your student.

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Basketball & Bowling game/match schedules

Feeling like cheering on our Jason Lee athletes?!! The boys basketball & girls bowling game/match schedule is newly published and is available HERE.

We are always in need of scoreboard & scorebook workers for home basketball games. If that's something you're interested in, dates & spots are HERE. Let me know if you have questions!

Basketball Practice Times

  • 7th Grade boys practice is from 7:00-8:30 am. The South doors nearest the Main Gym are open from 6:40-7:10 am. Arrive ready for practice, locker room access is only for after practice.
  • 8th Grade boys practice is from 3:45-5:15 pm. Locker room immediately after school is available to change for practice.

If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Gettys in the business office at:


Guidelines for Spectators at Middle School Games

Safety is a top priority in Vancouver Public Schools, and we want our after-school athletic events to be safe and respectful places for all student athletes and spectators. To provide adequate supervision of students and ensure the safety of all athletes and spectators, we have established the following guidelines for games.

  • Students must have a student ID or ASB card and be accompanied by a parent or adult. This applies to both home and away games.

  • Food and drinks, with the exception of bottled water, are not allowed in school gymnasiums.

  • Spectators must stay in bleachers or designated areas.

  • Re-entry to the game/activity is not permitted after leaving.

  • Students are not allowed to remain on campus after school ends until a game begins.

  • Support all student athletes by exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Excusing student absence on the phone or e-mail

Attendance phone number is 360-313-3520

Attendance e-mail is: jasonleeattendance@vansd.org

After 5 consecutive days absence a medical provider's note is required to excuse the absence.

Entering Absence Requests through Skyward Family Access

Guardians may submit absence requests to the student's school from Skyward Family Access. This is done in the Attendance tab in Family Access.

To enter an Absence Request:

1. Click Enter Absence Request

2. Select Add Request

3. Select the desired Start Date/Time and End Date/Time for your student's absence.

4. Click the drop-down list to select Reason why your students will be absent.

5. If desired, enter Comment.

6. Click Save

7. A confirmation email is sent to Family 1 (guardian 1 and 2) when any Absence Request is submitted via Family Access.

All submitted Absence Requests are listed on the Absent Requests screen. The Status column indicates whether an Absence Request is pending approval from the school attendance office or has been Accepted and processed.

COVID-19 Safety

One of the problems most often confronting parents of school-age children occurs when a child complains of not feeling well on a school day. The following is not intended as medical advice, but is merely designed as a guideline to be followed until your health care provider can be contacted.

Children should usually be kept at home if any of the following conditions are present (keep in mind the absence of fever does not always indicate the child is well enough to attend school)

  • Fever (100.4 or higher) or chills
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Muscle or body aches
  • New loss of smell or taste
  • Cough (new, changed, worsening)
  • Congestion/runny nose
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat

If someone is showing symptoms of COVID-19 here are the flow charts for k-12 schools, child care and connected extracurricular activities:





Let us know via E-mail attendance at jasonlee.attendance@vansd.org, or call our attendance line at (360) 313-3520.

Bus Rules

  • No Glass on the Bus (safety hazard in an accident or if broken)
  • No Balloons on the Bus (visibility for the driver no exceptions)
  • No Food or eating of any kind on the Bus especially hard candy (choking hazard)
  • No large bulky items (everything must sit in the seat with a person or it is considered a projectile by state patrol, additionally most seats already have two students in them)
  • Windows on the School side must stay up while at school (safety hazard of students falling under the bus, due to horse play with students on the bus)
  • Masks must be over nose and mouth at all times
  • No bags or students in emergency exits or aisle's

To login to Skyward Family Access go to https://vansd.org/

Bus stop lists will soon be posted for families to view on the district's website (vansd.org/buses/)

Message from our Nurse


Avoid the summer rush and make sure your child’s immunizations are up to date. Students must have all of the required immunizations or an approved exemption before they start school. Some immunizations must be given 30 days apart, so it’s important to start now.

Remember, a Tdap booster is required for all students in 7th and 8th grade. A Tdap vaccination is acceptable if given on or after 10 years of age.

Please submit medically verified immunization records which could be:

- Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) signed by a doctor
- CIS filled out by a parent or guardian with medical records attached
- CIS, from MyIR.net., of your child's official vaccine record.

Medication in School

The Medication in School forms must be submitted yearly (before schools starts)

  • Have your child's physician complete the Medication in School form
  • Your clinic can fax the orders directly to the school at (360) 313-3501 - A parent signature is required at the bottom of the form.
  • Bring in your child's medication and orders (if not faxed) before school starts. Please bring them in a week before school starts.
  • If the medication is for a life-threatening condition, the medication, orders, and health plan MUST be in the school office BEFORE your child can start school!

Life Threatening Conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma (Some students)
  • Seizures (Some students)
Talk with your nurse if you are unsure if your child's condition is considered "life threatening"

Individualized Health Plans

The Individualized Health Plan must be renewed yearly before schools starts:

  • Look over your child's Health Plan, edit it as needed, then sign and date it, as indicated on the bottom of the form.
  • Return the Health Plan to the school as soon as possible. This will enable your child's teacher and the school nurse to safely prepare for your child.

Please call the office at (360) 313-3500 or email the school nurse. Kelli Burton at kelli.burton@vansd.org if you have questions.

Immunizations: What you need to know for School

Jason Lee PTA News

Board Members 2022-2023

Katie Hopkins President

Johnette Fagaale, Vice President

Laura McGreevey, Treasurer

Sara Mulholland, Secretary

Parent Volunteers for Jason Lee

  • Volunteering may resume in full capacity. All volunteers must be fully cleared through Raptor and confirmed with Crystal Reed to have their COVID vaccination documentation on file prior to actively volunteering. Go to https://vansd.org/?s=volunteer

  • Once you are cleared you are a qualified volunteer for two years.

  • We are implement various prevention and mitigation strategies, including but not limited to:

    • Weather pending, hold events/activities outdoors

    • Masking as individuals desire

    • Hand washing/hand sanitizer

    • Physical distancing

  • we ask volunteers, including PTA/PTO/Boosters/etc., to not bring their preschool age children into the buildings if at all possible.

  • Chaperons are permitted to ride on buses as long as they complete the process above.

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Our Family Resource Center has a monthly newsletter!

Check it out!

Upcoming food pantry info, community events and much more in the FCRC newsletter

FCRC Newsletter

Meet our New FCRC Coordinator!!

Ms. Cordova is our new FCRC Coordinator. She is a graduate from FVHS and Washington State University. She speaks English and Spanish. During her free time she enjoys reading and exercising. She is so excited to be working with our families here at Jason Lee!!! If she can help you with school supplies, clothing, food, or other basic needs just call her at (360) 313-3517 or call/text (360) 839-5421 or e-mail at hillary.cordova@vansd.org.
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Youth Opportunity Pass Parent Consent 2022-23

C-TRAN, Vancouver Public Schools, the Evergreen School District, WSSB, WSD, and Vancouver Parks and Recreation have formed a partnership to provide free access to public transit and local community centers for all currently enrolled middle and senior high school students who wish to participate. As a participant in this program, your child will receive one full year of free public transit access starting September 1 and continuing through the following August 31. It does not provide service past the Columbia River into Portland.

Please come to the front office for a hard copy application or email karen.davis@vansd.org for a digital version. Expect a couple days to process the forms.

Jason Lee Counseling Corner!

The counselors at Jason Lee are here to support you and your students this school year. We know that many students and families have been struggling during these times. We visited all students in classrooms this week to introduce ourselves. Students can make an appointment to see a school counselor using this link: https://forms.gle/akmzZRFxgcHseghm7

We have launched a google counseling website that you can access here: https://sites.google.com/vansd.net/jasonleecounselingcorner. This website includes information about how to contact us, resources, and more.

You can also visit our Virtual Self-Care room here: https://padlet.com/283131/p42q1begru420w4r. Self-care is extremely important as we are dealing with stressful times. You can find ways to support yourself in this self-care room. Check this out!

How to See a School Counselor!

Hello Students!

We are excited to meet you this year! This email will tell you how to make an appointment with your school counselor.

We meet with students to talk about schedule changes, stress, school problems, and hard things in life. If we call you down to the office, please do not go to the front office. You can walk to the cafeteria and find our offices.

How to See a School Counselor:

1. Fill out this google form: https://forms.gle/2HcspFd72pXv72an6

2. You can also email us with questions:

Last Names A-G: Mrs. Davis-Alcide at karen.davis@vansd.org

Last Names H-O: Mrs. Amato at stephanie.amato@vansd.org

Last Names P-Z: Ms. Axford at heidi.axford@vansd.org

Skyward Family Access

What it is: Gateway to student's current educational world.

What it does: Allows parents to send messages to their children's teachers and pay for school lunches (unless using Skyward through the VPS mobile app). Parents of middle and high school students also can view current schedules, check on assignments, monitor progress and grades and set up helpful notifications.

How do I sign up?

If one or more of the following applies, please contact your child's school for access to Skyward: Your child lives in your household on part of the time or does not live in your household at all or You did not provide your email address to the school.

What if I can't remember my password?

Please see Skyward's "Forgotten login/password assistance" Page and follow the directions. If you still can't access the system, please contact your child's school's office for additional assistance.

How do I change my password?

You can manage your password from within Skyward. Click on the "Account info" link in the upper-right corner. You can change your password or email address using the links on the right.

Who can I call if I still can't get access?

If you have worked through the questions above but still can't get into Skyward Family Access, please check the following:

Did you request an account at least a week ago? (Processing new requests can sometimes take up to one week)

Is your student still enrolled in the Vancouver Public Schools? (Accounts are automatically disabled when your child leaves the district.)

How to view current schedules?

When logged into Family Access, under the Home column, select Schedule. If using the Skyward app, select the menu bar located in the upper right of the screen.

How to view the Responsible Use Policy for your child’s school issued i-pad?

When logged into Family Access, under the Home column, select Online Forms. When using the Skyward app, please choose the Skyward desktop option.

For additional account help, please visit, https://vansd.org/account-help/

Here you can find more information about Skyward Family Access, Canvas Parent Access, the district’s mobile app and paying fines and fees.

If you still can't get access to the system, please contact Jason Lee at (360) 313-3500.

Important Information

Enrollment is now online

Brand new to the VPS or families of previous VPS student(s) that need to be enrolled visit: Registration Link

Information on School Boundaries

For information on school boundaries, including in-district Boundary Exceptions, Our-of-District Boundary Exceptions, and School Enrollment Options

visit: VSD Boundary Link


Find out what Immunizations are required for middle school by

visiting: Immunization Requirements

Coronavirus Updates

For the latest information on COVID-19, Remote Learning and School Closures visit:


Join the Vancouver Public Schools team!

Consider the advantages of working for Vancouver Public Schools: Summers off, holiday pay, personal and sick leave, health and retirement benefits (contingent on eligibility).

We are hiring the following positions: Teachers, paraeducators, special education paraeducators, clerical staff, bus drivers, custodians, food

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Vancouver Public Schools is an equal opportunity district in education programs, activities, services, and employment. The district does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, including gender

expression or identity, age, families with children, honorably discharged veteran or military status, the presence of any sensory, mental,or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal. The district provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America

and other designated youth groups. The district complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 402 of the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Older Worker Protection Act, and all other state, federal, and local equal opportunity laws. You may contact any of the following people at 2901 Falk Rd., Vancouver, Washington, 98661, or by writing to them at Vancouver School District, PO Box 8937, Vancouver, Washington 98668-8937 or by calling 360-313-1000: ADA–Kathy Everidge (kathy.everidge@vansd.org); Title VII, 504–Steve Vance(steve.vance@vansd.org);IDEA–Daniel Bettis (daniel.bettis@vansd.org); Affirmative Action/Title IX–Kathy Everidge (kathy.everidge@vansd.org); Title IX Elementary–Debra Hale

(debra.hale@vansd.org); Title IX Secondary–Jim Gray (james.gray@vansd.org); Athletic Equity–Jim Gray (james.gray@vansd.org).This notification can be provided in the appropriate language for communities of national origin and minority persons with limited English language skills by contacting 360-313-1250.