by Nathan,Groce/Robert,Sullivan

Physical Features

The grate wall of chine is one of the ther famise place to go .

And ther daster is a grate place to viste.

And to se ther government on stage.

By robert


Tropical in the south, but it is subarctic in the north.

by Nathan


Communist party people have very little power

By Robert


Economic System is Renminbi,Literacy Rate 100%,GDP Per Capita 9,800$,Population 1,349,585,838 ,Imports Electronics,Exports Plastic.

by Nathan


Some holidays are new year and May Day.

TraditIons eating crawfish

Language starend Chinese

Religions sportinge the kinge

By Robert

Place to visit

I want to go because I have never gone and people have told me that it is an amazing site.

Great wall of China,Forbidden City ,The Bond,Li River.

by Nathan