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What is Hardware?

Hardware is anything you can touch on a computer/iPad. There are internal and external hardware, the internal hardware is what is inside the computer for e.g; Hard disk, CPU, Processor, Fan, Motherboard and Sound card these are some of the internal hardware. Also RAM is internal Hardware, random access memory.

This is an picture of an Hard disk.

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External Hardware.

External Hardware just the things on the outside of the computer. For e.g; Keyboard, Mouse, Computer, Computer screen.

This is an picture of External Hardware; Computer.

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Definitions of the hardware?

Motherboard is like the skeleton of the computer, everything plugs/slots into the Motherboard. The RAM is the memory of the computer. Hard disk is a storage device to store your information. Processor is using the input to translate the instructions and complete the instructions once finished the processor outputs the information.

Here is an picture of a Motherboard.

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