National Poetry Month

Celebrate Poetry With Us!

Here's what we're learning about poetry:

  • To use language in interesting ways (alliteration, onomatopeias, repetition, and maybe an attempt at beginning metaphors or similes) and to add rhythm and interest to the sound of poetry.
  • To compose a message with feelings and creativity.
  • To organize poems in various ways to create meaning and interest for the reader.
  • To read poems for understanding. Inferring and asking questions to build and deepen comprehension.
  • Research and expand knowledge of the topic of poems.
  • Read poetry with fluency and expression.

How are we doing this? We're Writing the Rainbow with Amy LV

We are writing the rainbow with Amy LV of The Poem Farm.

Each morning we will click on The Poem Farm to learn the color inspiration of the day. As a class, we will compose a poem inspired by the day's color. These color inspirations have already lead us back to Slice of Life posts, Wonderopolis, and connected us with THE POET, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater on Twitter @AmyLVPoemFarm. All this is building such excitement around poetry!

Watch Us Grow and Follow our Journey: Stay Connected!

Poetry Lunch!

Thursday, April 13th, 11:15am to Tuesday, April 25th, 11:45am

Our Classroom