Lights! Camera! ACTING!

This Saturday: acting for camera and voiceover with Ellie

Want to act in front of the camera? Learn how!

Ellie Abrams joins us Saturday, April 6 from 9 AM to 10:30 AM in the StoryArk classroom shared with the Zephyr Studio (421 South Main Street, Stillwater) to teach acting for film, television and voiceover. Acting for film is quite different from acting for theater, and Ellie will help students hone their on camera skills. Ellie received all 5's on the fist to five scale at her last StoryArk class, and students are eager for her return. She bounces between Los Angeles and Minneapolis, so be sure to take advantage of her time in town and have fun learning to act in front of the camera!

Here's Ellie's bio:

Ellie Abrams is a native of Minnesota and spent 13 years in the LA market as a professional working actress and as a Casting Associate. She returned to her hometown last year to offer education and support to the wonderful Talent community in the Twin Cities. Ellie has worked with a variety of entertainment industry offices and on many castings including Barbie, Disney, Cartoon Network, Kidz Bop, Round Table Pizza and Hometown Buffet among others. She is nurturing and educational to both parents and teens. Her style is to explore script work through "play" to find the interesting choices with her students that help them standout and shine in a unique way.

We hope to see you there!

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