what is it??


well as you know and probably heard there are four types of angles ACUTE,RIGHT,OBTUSE,AND STRAIGHT. so what do these angles look like? well i´ll show you.


what's a protractor you ask? well,it's the tool you use to measure all those types of angles from acute to's kind of like a ruler in some ways, but the way you use it is you put the little hole in the middle on the vertex, then you line up the end along one ray, measure it and there you go you just used a protractor.


there are ,just like angles, different types of triangles like..
there are more than this but i didn´t fit them all the other types are scalene,equilateral,and acute.some of them have the names of angles and that´s because they have those angles in them.


quadrilaterals are four sided figures. most of the time the angles are all right angles. there are many different types like rectangle,square,polygon,parallelogram,trapezoid,and a rhombus.


okay some people ( lots of people ) say they don´t like geometry, well there are fun things to do with it like just look at this.they wrote a song about it.