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for the Week of Mar 11 Plus

Instructional Audit Review Sessions

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Instructional Audit Sessions

Reminders from the Principal

Make sure you are reading the Panther Press each week and planning accordingly. Visit the Google Classroom to ensure you know when things are due. Lesson Plans are due Mar 15 in the google classrom.

We will have the first Fun Friday activity this week in the gym. PTA will be offering concessions for those students eligible. We will send the list of students who are not eligible to attend by Friday at noon. Students who are not eligible ARE NOT To be let out of class during the activity to go to the concession stand. Concessions will not be sold after school on Mar 15.

All teachers should be reviewing expectations and class rules with every class at a minimum of once a week. When doing group or partner work, expectations and group norms should be revisited.

The forms for submitting Parent Contacts are in the Google Classroom. Make sure these are up-to-date. It is the expectation that parent contacts are entered when they are made not at the end of the nine weeks or days/weeks/months later. It is imperative that these contacts are made prior to the end of the Nine Weeks. we cannot have any surprises. All students who are failing your class must be contacted before the end of the semester.

All teachers will be required to administer a minimum of four assessments every nine weeks: two before progress reports and two after. The two Unit Assessments count towards the total minimum assessments required: One unit assessment must be before progress reports and one after. Plan accordingly so that required RTI activities can be completed prior progress reports and report cards going home. Progress reports were sent home this week and we will be checking grade books to ensure the minimum number of assessments have been administered.

I need to remind ALL staff members of a couple of things: 1) all staff members are required to remain on campus during the work day unless they have permission from an administrator to leave for school related business (teachers must sign out in Mr. Anders' Office and classified must clock out as well), 2) All staff are responsible for electronic communications and items shared through the google platform. We will be adding additional documents as the year progresses. "I did not read my email" or "I did not know how to access the google folders" is not an acceptable excuse.


All teachers will be required to sit with their students during lunch. Lunch is not duty free. All teachers are responsible for the students they take to lunch whether the students are in the hall on the way to lunch, in the line to get their food, at the lunch table, taking their trash to the garbage and in the hall on the way back to lunch. Supervision of students assigned to the teacher is one of the primary professional responsibilities of the teacher. Teachers are required to ensure their table and areas are clean when they leave the lunchroom.

Important Reminders for the Week of Mar 11 Plus

Mar 10 - Daylight Savings kicks in at 2 AM Sunday Morning

Mar 11 - Local School PD Day - See below

Mar 11 - Timecards approved by 3 PM

Mar 11 - HMS Baseball @ Bessemer City

Mar 12 - No Faculty Meetings

Mar 12-18 - Spring Book Fair in Library

Mar 12 - 15 - Spring Walkthrough - Visitors may visit at anytime this week

Mar 12-14 - Cheer Clinic

Mar 12 - Grades Due by Noon

Mar 12 - Grade Verification Sheets by 3 PM

Mar 12 - NJHS Meeting after school in Room 104

Mar 12 - HMS Baseball vs Homewood @ Bud Newell Field

Mar 12 - HMS Softball @ Oak Grove

Mar 13 - Report Cards go home with students

Mar 13 - Student Council Meeting after school in FACs classroom

Mar 13 - HMS Softball @ Bragg

Mar 14 - HMS Softball vs Bragg @ Natalie Bunn Field

Mar 14 - HMS Baseball vs Hewitt-Trussville @ Bud Newell Field

Mar 15 - 5th Grade Tour of HMS

Mar 15 - Fun Friday Non-Participation list by noon

Mar 15 - First Fun Friday at 2 PM

Mar 15 - Grades posted by 3 PM

Mar 15 - Lesson Plans due by 3 PM in Google Classroom

Mar 15 - Cheer Tryout after School in Competition Gym

Mar 15 - HMS Boys & Girls Tennis vs Bragg @ Montcrief Tennis Courts in Gardendale

Mar 18 - Ex Ed MDC Training at HHS (8-11:30) - Ex Ed students must have a sub to attend

Mar 18 - Timecards approved by 3 PM

Mar 18 - HMS Softball vs McAdory @ Natalie Bunn Field

Mar 19 - Faculty Meetings in the conference room

Mar 19 - FBLA Meeting after school in the Bus Tech Lab

Mar 19 - HMS Baseball @ Homewood

Mar 19 - HMS Football Parent Meeting 6 PM

Mar 20 - 3rd Nine Weeks Awards Day Part I: 6th Grade - 8:30 AM, 7th Grade - 9:15 AM

Mar 20 - HMS Boys Tennis vs Westminster Academy @ Oak Mountain

Mar 21 - 3rd Nine Weeks Awards Day Part II: 8th Grade - 8:30 AM

Mar 21 - HMS Softball vs Oak Grove @ Natalie Bunn Field

Mar 22 - Fun Friday @ 2 PM

Mar 22 - Grades posted by 3 PM

Mar 22 - Teachers must approved timecards be leaving for Spring Break

Mar 22 - HMS Baseball vs Oak Grove @ Bud Newell Field

Mar 23 - 26 - Thompson Invitational Spring Break Baseball Tournament - See Coach Evans for Details

Monday, Mar 11, 2019-PD Day

8-11:30 - LDC Training at Hueytown High School

  • All Science teachers
  • All Social Studies teachers
  • All English teachers
  • All Ex Ed Inclusion teachers

8-11:30 - Pro-Ethica Modules (all modules due complete by EOY check-out)

  • All other teachers

11:30-1:00 - Lunch on your own

1:00-3:00 - Social Studies PLUS Day Make-up session in conference room

1:00-3:00 - Pro-Ethica Modules

  • All other teachers

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