God of war

What does Ares look like?

Ares wears armour and a helmet. He is said to be handsome. Ares usually is carrying a spear that has blood stains on it. He never wears shoes.
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Describe Ares and his personality?

Ares is cruel, especially when it comes to war. He is very fast and has lots of speed. He is the son of Hera and Apollo. Both humans and gods disliked him. Ares was one of the great 12 gods.
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  • Ares almost died once, when he was stuffed into a jar by two giants.
Ares was not too successful in war. He often lost. Deimos and Phobos we his partners in war. His war like skills were not the best; but he intimidated people, which helped him in battles.
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Ares lived in Thrace with his daughters. This is where he got most of his praise from.


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