The Inner Child Healing Workshop

on Saturday Sept 14th, 21st and 28th at 3 - 6pm

What is Inner Child Work?

Inner Child work is fundamental in bringing real change and freedom into how we live our lives as adults. Most of us want to have free choice in how we live. However, we carry so much conditioning, limitations and fears from our time as a child that we are unable to make free choices and so living the life we truly want simply doesn’t happen.

This is a wonderful opportunity of looking within and building a conscious relationship with yourself. Through guided meditations, and simple techniques of writing, exploring emotions through colors, conscious self-talk, you will be led to discover the gentle, vulnerable Child you originally were.

Over 3 weeks we will be exploring the following topics:
* Retrieving your Inner Child - dialoguing, nurturing it and understanding unmet needs.
* Connecting to your Inner Parent – unlocking hidden emotions and re-parenting yourself.
* Connecting to different emotions and learning to heal them through various tools.
* Listening and connecting to your Higher Self through the process of writing.

Every session is a progression from the previous one. Hence, it is necessary that you attend all three for a deeper experience of self.

Energy Exchange for all 3 Sessions: Rs.4440/-
We are looking at maximum 10 participants so as to facilitate deeper individual processing.

3 Saturdays - 3pm to 6pm
Dates: 14th September 2013, 21st September 2013 and 28th September 2013

About the facilitator:
Deepti G Gujar has been working with the process of Inner Child work healing and related techniques such as Past life regression and Rebirthing-Breathwork for the past 5 years. Over this period she has written about transformations at multiple levels in articles that have been published in the spiritual magazines Life Times and Life Positive. She has also guided individuals to get in touch with their essence, facilitating transformation through personal sessions. Her active blog page is:


Deepti is a very gifted healer and therapist. She has a very intuitive and heart-felt connection with her clients, and most important, she facilitates from a client centered approach. In a short time, she could facilitate shifts in me, and I love her free-flowing and caring style. She can be a safe container for anyone wanting to work with their deep and vulnerable stuff. I wish her all the best in her work.” ~Sukhvinder Sircar

Deepti has a rare gift of presence and sensitivity which she brings to her work and life. She did ‘Inner child’ work with me- better called Inner child play perhaps. And I sensed shifts in my awareness. She brings a depth of understanding that is precious. And an ease with her being which enables her to create a space that is healing. There is a spontaneous intuitive connection I felt that was very helpful in the process“~Kiran Gulrajani

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Telephone: 8600521941
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