Lessons The Holocaust Taught Me

By: Lily Pelkey-Jacobson

To Be An Upstander

Nobody offered help to this little boy who had a gun to his head. No one stopped the Nazi from taking this young persons life. He was murdered because of his religion, for what he believes. For the life he wanted to lead. No one became an upstander at this moment. No one chose the right thing to do. Being an upstander could drastically change a persons life.

To Be Gracious and Kind To Everyone

We all live our own lives. We all have our private lives, so therefore we do not know what someone might be dealing with. We must all be kind to eachother, we must all be gracious.

To Be Generous

Many families ignored the people suffering from the Holocaust. But many also risked there lives just to help those people. They were incredibly generous and let the Jewish families into their homes and gave them food, and protected them.