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Should state colleges be free of charge?

By Helaena Fine


Hundreds of thousands of teen & young adults face heartbreak and rejection, because they realize that they can't afford a college education. Dreams are crushed, hopes tossed away, simply because the price tag on knowledge is just too large. This is a national issue, and it is causing teens & young adults alike to not be able to reach their full potential. This is why I think that state colleges should be free of charge for all in-state residents, because everyone should be able to afford a future.
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You see that large stack of cash up there?

It's worth about $50,000.

That's about how much it costs to attend a state college for 2 semesters if you live out of state. It's worth about 5 semesters if you live in-state.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...

Remember when you used to play dress up as a teacher, doctor, or police, and you pretended you really were one? When you dreamed of of becoming a veterinarian, a deep sea diver, or looking through a microscope at tiny little cells and curing cancer. Throughout your elementary & middle school experience, you anticipated the day you would walk onto a college campus, and unlock the power of knowledge. But for some people, this dream can never happen because of the costs. According to the link I have embedded below, tuition rates have increased quite a bit since the 1970's. In fact, the cost to attend a public state college for four years in 1975 is $22,317 cheaper than it is today. The cost for a private state college in 1975 is also drastically cheaper than it is now - approx. $27,708. Do you really think EVERY person is going to be able to conjure up a whopping 30k dollars just to attend a college? No! Of course, there are scholarships, financial aid, and other discounts, but those aren't always available to everyone.

It's Not About The Price Tag...

Like I said before, there are many ways students can receive financial assistance when it comes to affording college. Scholarships are given out to hundreds of students each year, but only cover a certain amount of costs. Student loans are also available, but can cause a lot of people to end up spiraling into debt, or leaving them to pay off large sums of it over several decades. Honestly, I think that in-state residents should not have to pay for knowledge, even though there are options out there to assist them. Because nothing is free without strings attached...

Why Is Allowing In-State Residents Free Tuition to In-State Colleges A Good Idea?

It would enable students to access a stable future, stay financially secure, and gain the education they desire. Some people do contradict, because they think that paying for tuition helps the school financially, and gives the teachers their income. Little do they know that in-state residents are not the only people who attend public state colleges. Also, taxes go to income, and fundraisers & sponsors help support the university. To be honest, it would allow thousands of teens achieve their goals without having to go through all of the stress of giving up so much money.

Examples of State Colleges in Texas

College Shouldn't Be A Privilege: It Should Be A Right

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