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Big News and Lots of Changes

Things are going to look a lot different at HBB next year! I would like to start by wishing Mr. Gobeil good luck and congratulations as we learned on Friday that he will be the new Principal at the MECC. I am very happy for Mr. Gobeil and the staff at MECC as they are getting an amazing administrator and person. We are going to miss him at HBB tremendously, but I am happy that he is getting this opportunity as he has long been ready for a principalship. Be sure to watch our latest weekly video to see a little message to Mr. Gobeil at the end!

I would also like to welcome Mr. Greg Thomas, who will be taking over for Mr. Gobeil as our Assistant Principal. Mr. Thomas is very excited to become Burkland's BEST and we are very fortunate to have someone with his experience and character to come in after Mr. Gobeil, as those are some very big shoes to fill.....both literally and figuratively!

Mrs. Campbell, one of our longtime PE teachers is retiring this year. Please see her video right below this message! Mrs. Campbell is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with and she is going to be missed greatly! I am hopeful that she will continue to join us with her bagpipes on St. Patty's Day! Mr. Chris Phenix, current MKG Assistant Principal will be joining the HBB PE Department and filling Mrs. Campbell's vacant position. We are excited to have Mr. Phenix join HBB and he will be another great addition to the school!

There will also be some changes in the Main Office as we have recently been informed that Mrs. Bowling is moving to North Carolina. Next year we will be joined by Karen Christmas, current full year secretary at MKG and Denise Emond, current full year secretary at NMS. We are very fortunate to have such talented and experienced secretaries joining HBB and I am confident that you will continue to receive the same high level of service from the HBB office and Admin Team.

The changes don't stop there! As Mr. Lynch mentioned in his message, there will be some changes to the organization of the SPED Dept. which means Mrs. Kim Redlon will become the SPED Coordinator for grades 1-3 and Dr. Mansfield will continue at HBB, responsible for grades 4-5. Welcome Mrs. Redlon!

While change can be difficult, it's inevitable at times. Everyone who has moved on has done so for good reasons! Mrs. Serrilla and Mr. Gobeil are moving up in their professional lives, as is Mrs. Bowling's husband, which is exciting and should be celebrated! Mrs. Campbell is starting a new chapter in her life with retirement and, while I know she will miss everyone, she is looking forward to it! While I am going to miss them all, we are being joined by some exceptionally talented professionals and I am looking forward to working with all of them.

All in all it's the best of situations. Some get to grow and move on and others get a new opportunity in their absence. Eventually we will be back and I am truly looking forward to next year!

A Message from Mrs. Campbell

Pickup and Drop-off of Student Belongings

Starting Monday June 8th we will be holding a drive by pickup of student belongings. We are asking that you plan to return any school items such as library or classroom books at that time as well. We are not collecting computers, students may keep those for now. The schedule will be as follows

Mon 6/8 - Grade 1 (10:30 - 12)

Tue 6/9 - Grade 2 (10:30 - 12)

Wed 6/10 - Grade 3 (10:30 - 12)

Thu 6/11 - Grade 4 (10:30 - 12)

Fri 6/12 - Grade 5 (10:30 - 12)

We also ask that you please approach and leave the school down Mitchel Street as MKG will approaching and leaving from rt. 28 and Mayflower Ave. Please see the map below.

If you have children in multiple grades you can come to either date and take care of pickup/drop-drop off all at once. Pickup/Drop-off will take place out front of the school on the Mayflower Side of the school. Parents should pull in out front similar to student drop-off and follow the cones. Staff will be out front to direct traffic, take names and bring out your child's belongings. Please return items in a bag labeled with the name of your child's teacher. You can also return school library books.

If your child has medications at the school that you need to pickup you can do so then also but please email our school nurse in advance at

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HBB Weekly Video

Our weekly video is ready, it's a good one!

Don't forget to send us your pics and videos on how you are passing the time! Videos and pics can be sent to me by replying to this email or to Mr. Dawson at

Week 10, HBB student and staff May 25th

Club Refunds

If your child was enrolled in a club we will be issuing partial refunds. Please click on the link below for more information. The deadline for reimbursements is May 31st.

Upcoming Events

The following events will all be lived streamed on YouTube and Facebook! The links will be on our website in the coming days and we will also send them out through email so please be on the lookout for more the meantime, save the date!

o 5th Grade Slideshow/Promotion Ceremony (June 16 – 11 am)

o 5th Grade Talent Show (Date Will Be Announced Soon!)

o 1st Grade Orientation for current K parents (June 10th – 6:30 pm)

Last Chance for Yearbooks!

LAST CALL.. Yearbooks can be ordered until Thursday May 28th, then OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR THE YEAR.. No chances after that..

Don't miss your chance to get your HBB yearbook:

HBB YEARBOOKS FOR SALE.. LIMITED TIME.. . Don't miss your chance to get the 2020 HBB "YEAR OF THE 'RONA" Yearbook.. ONLINE SALES ONLY. Sales close May 28th (NO EXTRA BOOKS WILL BE BOUGHT, SO DON'T MISS OUT).

Pick up will be during July at the HBB parking lot (dates TBD). We can ONLY offer online sales due to obvious reasons. Please place your order at following link. HBB's code is : 21075

HBB PTA offers discount to 5th grade students ONLY.. if you purchase discounted book and you are NOT a 5th grader, your order will be cancelled.

Please reach out with any questions to

Summer Reading!

We are VERY excited about our partnership with the Middleboro Public Library for our Summer Reading Program. Please read the flyer below for more information or click here for the entire packet and more detailed information!

You can also access the packet through the HBB Website by clicking on the Students and Families Tab and then selecting Summer Reading.

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