Nuclear Fusion for ENERGY

Reasons for Discovery

Lead scientist Kameron Montague and her team the Camelots have recently discovered how to use Nuclear Fusion for energy on May 1,2016 in their laboratory in Manhattan. They made this happen with lots of hard work and dedication to this project that hopefully we all will e able to live off of in a few years. They had some problems at first, Kameron Montague said " Our biggest obstacles was trying to get the temperature,time and containment to be the exact way we wanted it". When they finally got those under control then they worked on how to put the little nuclei back together to make a nucleus.

Economic impact compared to nuclear fussion

Compared to nuclear fussion, nuclear fusion is way safer because it doesn't cause any green house gases witch could harm our environment and hurt our atmosphere. Nuclear fusion also doesn't hurt our climate like nuclear fussion does. Our economy could benefit a lot off of this new discovery and maybe one day we could use it for more then just the energy for electricity.