Kendall News - Last Day of School

May 27, 2020

Newsletter Highlights:

Thank you to our Kendall PTA

Missed Student Property Pick-Up / School Property Drop-off

2020-2021 School Supply Kits

2019-2020 Yearbooks

Thank you to our Kendall PTA

We would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thank you to our Kendall PTA and all you have done this year to support our school. From our amazing field trips, to the classroom resources you provide to our students and all of the pieces in between, you have provided all of our Patriots with adventures in learning and opportunities for community building that we would never be able to do on our own and we truly thank you!

We would like to take a moment to recognize our PTA Board Members. Thank you for your years of support and for the time and energy you poured into our school and our students. We are better because you were a part of our school team!

Tori Mangenelli, 2019-2020 PTA President

Brooke Cook, 2019-2020 Vice President

Laura Fry, 2019-2020 Secretary

Dawn O'Brien, 2019-2020 Treasurer

Missed Student Property Pick-Up

If you missed student property pick up yesterday, please contact Gina Swanson ASAP to schedule a make-up time for this week.

All items not picked up by the end of the day, Friday May 29th, will be donated.

PTA Sponsored School Supply Kits for 2020-2021

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2019-2020 Yearbooks

The facility where our yearbooks are printed just recently reopened for business. They will be printing our Kendall 2019-2020 Yearbooks this summer for distribution in the fall. This will include a distribution plan for our 5th graders. Please stay tuned for further communication.