Physical Science- Drew Condon

Description of superhero element- Cobalt Cody

Cobalt Cody acquired his superhero power when he was born. Cobalt Cody is a hard and brittle person to face. Cobalt Cody is a very solid superhero. This superhero wears a silver/blue outfit with a pink cape. when Cody is very serious about fighting someone he can be very flexible. Protons are Cody's friends, he has 27 of them. Neutrons are people he has fought and now are his allies. Cody has 32 allies. Although, Cody is very thick headed since his Density is 293K, he is very smart when it comes to picking concepts up quickly.

Cody is a good conductor of electricity which means he can run his whole superhero car on electricity. It would take a lot to melt Cody. He would need to be heated at 2723 degrees Fahrenheit. It would take even more to boil him. He would begin to boil at 5198 degrees Fahrenheit. Cobalt Cody was born in Sweden but he is found saving people all over the world.

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