September 1st


Review 1-4

Day 4 Challenge


Reading (Fine Fine School)

We will use context to determine the relevant meaning of unfamiliar words.

I will explain the meaning of unfamiliar words by using clue words.


1. What do you do when you come across a word you do not know?

2. Why is important to determine the meaning of words that we don't know?

3. Explain how we can find clues to find the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Read Fine, Fine School and use the ipad to record yourself explaining the meaning of an unfamiliar word by using clue words around it.


We will plan a first draft generating ideas through a range of strategies.

I will explain how I can adapt a fairy tale by comparing stories.

Complete your booklet from yesterday retelling the story

Choose a story adaptation read and compare it to its original fairy tale. Then create a double bubble map comparing the two stories.

Word Work

We will identify and use antonyms and synonyms.

I will identify and use antonyms and synonyms using task cards

Watch the video and then play task cards against your partners

Antonyms and Synonyms


We will demonstrate safe lab practices by following science safety rules.

I will create an acrostic poem showing safety rules and illustrations.
FSGPT: What are some examples of safety tools and how are they used? Why are safe practices during scientific investigations important?

Discuss and demonstrate safety rules for lab and field and use of safety tools

Create an acrostic poem with pictures and rules

Safety Contract: Read and send home for signature

Critical Writing: Why are safe practices during scientific investigations important? Give two examples.
LAB SAFETY Video - I Think
The Acrostic Poem