Fort Thomas Independent Schools Employee Newsletter

Volume 2 Issue 9

May 2015


Dear Staff,

Witnessing the great things which go on in our school district every day is very gratifying to me. We are blessed to have wonderful students, supportive parents and talented staff members, who are dedicated to providing all children with a world-class educational experience. I never take for granted the hard work that each of you do on a daily basis to ensure student success.

With that thought in mind, I wish you all a very Happy Staff Appreciation Week! In order to celebrate and say thanks, the Board of Education has provided all staff members with a very nice Fort Thomas sweater. I hope you enjoy this gift and will wear it with pride!

In addition, to promote health and wellness among all employees, the Board of Education will once again pay the entrance fee for any staff member signing up to participate in the Firecracker 5K on July 4th. Last year, approximately 1/3 of our employees took advantage of this great opportunity. We hope to increase the participation rate even higher this year. Over the next couple of months, let’s encourage and support each other in getting fit and being healthy.

Thanks so much for all that you do!



What task do you want students to do? Find a FREE tech tool for that!

If you want students to...
Make data and topics easy to understand for a variety of audiences

    If you want students to...

    Explain steps, identify problems or annotate online text or website,

      If you want students to...

      Think critically with maps and timelines such as finding the best route,

        If you want students to...
        Summarize of develop concise answers,

          If you want students to...

          Think critically about pictures (think “meme”),

            If you want students to...
            Curate and/or comment on resource collections,



                Sessions will be held from 3:30 to 4:30pm in Room 209 at Highlands High School, unless otherwise noted. All participants are asked to register in advance through PD Express.

                Discover a New Way to Implement Videos in Instruction

                Date: Monday, May 4

                Description: Discover Video, a product that our District just recently purchased, provides video streaming and digital media solutions that help bring cable to the classroom as well as enhance video presentations for classroom instruction.

                What’s this I hear about Backchannelling?

                Date: Tuesday, May 12

                Description: Backchannelling: “Using networked computers to maintain a real-time online conversation alongside the primary group activity or live spoken remarks”. Come and learn how to implement backchannelling in your classroom. Several specific examples will be shared.

                Using Google’s and Microsoft’s Free Survey Tools
                Date: Wednesday, May 20

                Description: Google’s form and Office 365’s survey tool provide a way for teachers to conduct a survey online and have all the results collected automatically. During this session, we will create a survey and then learn how to embed the survey in your teacher Using Google’s and Microsoft’s Free Survey Toolswebsite.

                BE IN THE KNOW


                May 11 - Board Meeting

                May 19 - Election Day - No School

                May 25 - Memorial Day - No School

                PAYROLL REMINDERS

                Unused Personal and Emergency Days

                Just a reminder from Payroll that any unused personal or emergency days you have at the end of this year are not lost; they are rolled over to your sick days on July 1.

                Rank Change Reminder

                Verification of completion of the course work necessary to achieve a change in Rank for 2013-14 must be on file in the Central Office by September 15, 2015.

                YMCA Firecracker 5K

                Watch your email for the registration form and other details for the 4th of July YMCA Firecracker 5000, coming soon!

                FACULTY & STAFF NEWS

                Congratulations to...

                Shannon Henson (HHS) on the birth of her son Malcolm Augustus Amundsen Henson on March 24 at 1:49pm. Malcolm weighed 8 lbs. 10 ozs. and was 21 3/4 inches long.
                Shelby and Allyson Jones (WES) on the birth of their daughter Anderson Marie (Andie) on April 6. Andie weighed 7 lbs. and was 19 3/4 inches long.

                Patricia Mullins (HMS) who has been selected to participate in the American Association of Teachers of German Austrian summer storytelling seminar Erzähl mir was! Erlebte Geschichte(n) im DaF-Unterricht June 30 - July 11, 2015 in Vienna!

                STUDENT NEWS

                Congratulations to...

                Carly Hill who was named the 2015 High School Sports Woman of the Year for Diving.

                The following HHS juniors who were accepted to the Governor's Scholar Program
                • McKenzie Leigh
                • Anna Carter
                • Bailey Fessler
                • Molly Fernandez
                • Matthew Gray
                • Michael Daly
                • Nathan Schimpf
                • Etana Garfinkle-Plymesser

                The following HHS juniors who were accepted to the Governor's School for the Arts program

                • Faith Dansberry - Vocal
                • Natalie Neace - Vocal

                Alternates are:

                • Savannah Slaby - Vocal
                • Ellie Conniff - Drama
                The HMS Robotics team, 4th Rock from the Sun, consisting of Kyle Gish, Luke Weidner, Jake Gish, and Paul Heekin, earned a 3rd place win in the state Robotics tournament at the STLP conference in Lexington, KY, on March 26. Congratulations to them on a great season!

                The HMS Speech and Drama Team for their performance at State.

                Carter Bechtol was the State Champion in Prose!

                Vicky Alcorn and Sarah Cayton placed third statewide in Duo Improvisation.

                These students advanced to the semi-final rounds:
                Carter Bechtol and Peter Laskey in Duo Acting
                Michaela Brown and Stephen Lang in Duo Improvisation
                Vicky Alcorn and Tammy Sanow in Solo Acting.

                The following HMS band members on their performance in the Northern Kentucky solo and ensemble festival:

                Emma Losey and Kerison Bailey, duet - proficient rating

                Amanda Parrott and Trinity Pangallo, duet - proficient

                Lexie Crawford and Adam Flotemersch, duet - proficient

                Amy Herfel and Gabby Foster, duet - proficient

                Hannah Winstel, solo - proficient

                Austin Hyder, solo - proficient

                Emma Losey, solo - distinguished

                Gabby Foster, solo - distinguished

                Eylie Lorenz, solo - distinguished

                Gabby Foster and Sophia Faulbusch, duet - distinguished

                Katie Johnson and Grace Ferrarelli, duet - distinguished

                Joss Finseth, Peter Laskey, Maggie Cayton, and Tyler Sandmann, quartet - distinguished

                Jordan Cole and Austin Hyder, duet - distinguished

                Harrison Spiess and August Hug, duet - distinguished

                Ty Hopping and Braxton Broering, duet - distinguished

                Will Burnham, duet - distinguished

                Will Burnham, Ty Hopping, Braxton Broering, saxophone ensemble - distinguished

                Braxton Broering, Ty Hopping, Harrison Spiess, trio - distinguished

                Will Burnham, solo - distinguished

                Amanda Parrott, solo - distinguished

                Emrel Woody, solo - distinguished

                Adam Flotemersch, solo - distinguished

                Zane Goodwin, solo - distinguished

                Michael Buschle, solo - distinguished

                Colin Seith, solo - distinguished

                Noah Cooley, solo - distinguished

                August Hug and Keith Barton, duet - distinguished

                Will Burnham, Jacob Lightner, Austin Hyder, Michael Buschle, Colin Seith, Keith Barton, brass choir - distinguished

                Peter Laskey, Stella Faulbusch, Ean Chasteen, trio - distinguished

                Rachel Neundorfer and Olivia Porter, duet - distinguished

                Sam Burnham and Ethan Stuart, duet - distinguished

                Jacob Schickler, solo - distinguished

                Jackson Hopper, solo - distinguished

                Mason Brandon, solo - distinguished

                Trinity Pangallo, Sam Burnham, Ethan Stuart, trio - distinguished

                HMS 7th-grade solo and ensemble band members.

                The Kentucky Music Educators Association has a publication called Bluegrass Music News. They are having a cover contest for students in grades K-12. The theme of the competition is "Music Lasts A Lifetime." All of our K-2 students participated. Mrs. Everett and Mrs. Scaggs judged the pictures submitted and the following students have won the school level of the competition. The state winners will be announced in July.

                Woodfill winners

                Helena Sarge

                Jackson Sackenheim

                Hinoki Heard

                Scarlett Smith

                Dylan Spears

                Parker Greene

                Lilly Anne Hitch

                Taylor Basone

                Barret Becker

                Chelsea Crisler

                Mia Keller

                Rudy Wilson

                Felicity Berling

                Abby Hart

                Grant Bacon

                Moyer winners

                Eliana Niese

                Kyle Vennefron

                Isabelle Atkins

                Carigan Arnold

                Izzy Brown

                Gracie Leftin

                Mia Marshall

                Nicole Frank

                Natthew Jeffers

                Gracie Knasel

                Peter Murriner

                Sam Ruschman

                Kelsey Thomas

                Henry Thompson

                Wiley Willis

                Rosalyn Brown

                Vincent Chalk

                Julianne Stojkovic

                Ben Gallagher

                Thomas Messmer

                Lilly Hug

                Evelyn Morel

                Hayden Hasson

                Anna Krieg

                Harrison Gamble

                Sophia Agin

                Logan Nickelman

                Allyson Vaught

                Johnson winners
                Abby Berling

                Lainey Wagner

                Caroline Weber

                Roklyn Hamm

                Sarah Steiden

                Lizzy Perkins

                Daryn Goodwin

                Abigail McKinley

                Norah Shadwell

                Ellen Mohr

                Annelle Scully

                Adam Surrey

                Kendall Graves

                Audrey Heindl

                Ella Dixon

                Addy Foley

                On April 21, Collin Shadwell's ceramics class at HMS held its first Family Night to which students were invited to bring their parents and siblings in to try their hands at wheel throwing. Students were given the opportunity to show off their skills as well as teaching their families the process as well. It was a great night for the HMS art program and our community.

                HMS 8th grade students show their respect to veterans on their recent trip to Washington, D.C.

                Eighth-grade students from Ms. Kathy Anderson’s strings class visited Redwood in Ft. Mitchell to perform a Disney inspired production. The strings class composed a story and script featuring Disney characters and music throughout the performance. The middle school students donned elaborate costumes and played orchestra music to bring a little Disney magic to the young children and adults at Redwood.

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