Semester Exam

Darion Ramirez

Original State of Man

  • God created our first parents to share in his love and life.
  • These parents were Adam and Eve.
  • When they were created it took the time to find out God was present.
  • They appreciated what they were given, destined for a blissful life in heaven.
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Original Sin and its Consequnces

  • Adam and Eve were placed in the garden ton take care of it.
  • They lived in harmony with God and all his other creations everything they did was gratifying and fulfilling.
  • God gave them complete freedom in the Garden the only rule was not t eat the fruit from the tree.
  • But the serpent tempted both of them and they ate the fruit not knowing the serpent was Satan.
  • They wanted to be all knowing like God but they weren't so they disobeyed God causing sin.
  • Now all who is bought onto earth is born with original sin.
  • We get forgiven for it by baptism.
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The Word became Flesh

  • The word also known as our lord and savior Jesus was sent to save us.
  • For Expiation: The act of making amends for a wrong doing.
  • For Reconciliation: The act of making everything normal of friendly.
  • For Restoration:To fix the situation to restore order to the world so we can see the kingdom of God.
  • To manifest Gods love to all on the earth.
  • To be a model of holiness wanting us to be "Christ like" we can see heaven.
  • To share in his divine life to see what being a christian truly is.
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The Paschal Mystery

  • This miracle occurred at the wedding at Cana.
  • The wedding lasted several days and Jesus and Mary we in attendance.
  • The wine was running low and in those days people shied away from water.
  • so Jesus being the son of God turned water into wine for all the people at the wedding.
  • This is where Jesus calls Mary his mother "woman"
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Theological Virtues

  • Faith; we have faith in or lord and savior to show us the way through life by prayer and the gospel.
  • Hope; we showed hope that Christ would redeem of us of all sin and save us God sacrificing his only son.
  • Love/ Charity;
  • By doing all of these or showing an example of all of these everyday through out our lives we are following God.


  • a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God.
  • We pray to get closer to God.
  • Everyone who is a follower of God's life should revolve around prayer.
  • We pray for many different reasons but we do it out of the love of God we love him so much we need him to help us or we need to give him thanks.
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The Four Marks of the Church

  • When we say the Nicene Creed in mass we profess our belief in the four marks of the church "we believe in one, holy, catholic, apostolic church".
  • The church is one acknowledging the uniqueness and singularity of the church meaning there is only one true Church of Christ that is constituted in agreement with her divine founder's will.
  • 2nd mark the church is holy this is received from Christ her founder through the indwelling of the holy spirit, Christ sanctifies the church and fills it with his grace.
  • 3rd mark the church is catholic this meaning universal in a Greek derivative this is meaning she is whole connected with all things and all people the second and it and it has received universal authority.
  • 4th the church is apostolic relates primarily two Christ's selection of the twelve apostles as the foundation of his church. These twelve men to be witnesses to his Resurrection, sent out as ambassadors to the entire world.
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The Last Things

  • Heaven the perfect life with the most holy trinity and the Virgin Mary , the angels, and all the blessed.
  • Judgement our soul is released from our body and is judged by God we are either sent to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. These Places is where our soul will be but in Purgatory our soul is still being judged.
  • Death, we all die in the end but it is the ones who follow God and lead a good life are the ones that are truly blessed in the end. Our souls live on after us due to our God.
  • Hell, this is a terrible place this is to die in mortal sin without repenting and not accepting God's merciful love. This is meaning we are separated from him due to our free will.
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