What Went on in C4 This Week?

Week of February 8, 2016

Destination ImagiNation

Thank you so much to all of the parents, teachers, families, and friends who came out and supported our Mini Rising Stars Tournament! I am so proud of all the kids and the time, energy, and creativity that went into the challenge solutions that you saw Monday night! It is always amazing to see where their minds go when given the opportunity and supplies to make their ideas become realities. I hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did!

Enjoy the videos below. Unfortunately, the 6th grade videos will not be available for a week or so, but I will get them online for you soon!

Rising Stars 2016 "Goldilocks and the Mindbusters"
Rising Stars 2016 The Wolves
Rising Stars 2016 "The Smarties and the Dum Dums"

The Next Weeks' Activities

I am looking forward to getting back to our "normal" routine! However, I won't be seeing my 5th graders next week as I have to have some minor oral surgery on Wednesday afternoon. The doctor has told me that I will need to be home for 2 days afterward. I will get to see my 3rd, 4th, and 6th grader students, and here is what we will be doing!

3rd and 4th Grade

1. Spatial Reasoning: We will begin our unit with a pre-assessment of what the kids already know.

2. Sagia: We will be finishing up our work on creating the plants and animals that live in our countries. We started this in the fall, but had to take a break for Rising Stars.

3. Explore!: This activity allows the students to decide what they want to learn about or create. They will work in groups of 2-3 on a project. See below for more info!

6th Grade

1. We will be working on some fun problem-solving puzzles that will exercise their critical thinking skills.

2. STEM: Parachutes will be the next STEM project that we will work on! Look for more info about this next week!

3. Explore!: This activity allows the students to decide what they want to learn about or create. They will work in groups of 2-3 on a project. See below for more info!


Explore! is a program that I started last year and the kids really seem to enjoy! It allows them to take ownership of their learning, right down to choosing what they want to learn about or create. I prefer that the students work in groups of 2 or 3, but they can choose to work on their own. They choose which of the C4 standards they will work on throughout their project, and complete and sign a contract as to what they plan to accomplish.

This year, I am adding a new piece that I hope helps to make this program more "real world" While completing their contract, they must complete this "driving question" and make it the focus of their project.

How can we as __(fill in a real life role)____ do or create ____(the product or outcome)__ for ____(audience)__ so that/that will __(purpose)___.

I know that looks or sounds confusing so let me give you a couple of examples.

How can we as zookeepers create a habitat for penguins, so that they can survive in a zoo located in Missouri?

How can we as restaurant chefs create a menu for customers that will give them a variety of healthy choices.

How can we as engineers design a bridge for bicycle riders, so that they can safely drive across a creek on our neighborhood bike path.

My hope is that they will start finding real world problems to solve and use creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration to solve them.

Our Padlet sites will be updated after this week! Please start looking at them again next week to see what your child is up to!

Robin Verheyen, Gifted Education Resource Teacher, Reeds Spring School District

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