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(according to 2015) Blizzards are deadly storms. The can severely injure and possible kill many residents of your town. To prepare for a blizzard you need water. Water will be used to stay hydrated. You do NOT want to eat snow. It may be a source of water, but your body takes more energy to cool it down. Youy also need to stay warm. In a blizzard you should discourage travelling. 11 Facts About Blizzards 2015) One reason is because in some blizzards, you can’t see in front of you! These are many reasons to be prepared for and know that blizzards could really hurt you



Blizzards are deadly storms.

They are the most severe snow storms.

A blizzard is colder than ice.

To avoid hypothermia in a blizzard, you must stay warm and hydrated.

Travelling is discouraged in blizzards.

During a blizzard the blizzard practically tries to blind you.

A blizzard is a storm with wind and snow.

Blizzards can only happen in cold fronts.

A blizzard will try to damage your house.

The word “Blizzard” came from the United States of America.

Many blizzards come from Nor’Easters.

A blizzard will also steal your electricity if it feels like it.


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Blizzard Covers Car
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Severe Blizzard Covers Car