Where did Magellan go


Magellan explore

1) Magellan live to 1480-1521.

2) Magellan born in Portugal 1480.

3) Magallan exprorationis is Spain.

4) Magellan explore across the Atlantic.

5)Magellan explore to 1519-1520.

beginning of the journey

1) Magellan sailed from Spain in 1519 with five ships.

2) He sailed across the Atlantic ocean and down the coast of south america.

3) Magella explore Spain in 1519.

4)Magella want to go around the world.

Magellan explore

1) Magellan explore Philippines.

2) Magellan sow already Negrito

3) They live there for 50000 years they was huting and they live in a community.

4) they loss the control of the land and they loss his homes.

I think

I thik they live beter because Magellan is not ther because the Philippines live 5000 years ogo than Magellan.