Wells Second Grade

January 30, 2017


Students will be able to classify even and odd numbers and find patterns to describe if numbers are increasing or decreasing. They should find patterns in word problems and use strip diagrams to find missing parts in word problems.

Language Arts

This week's story is Officer Buckle and Gloria. We will use illustrations in stories and poems to draw conclusions. We will also use synonyms, adverbs, and commas. We will also analyze maps or floor plans.

In writing, students will be writing persuasive letters. Beware-we are writing to persuade you for a pet!

Spelling- Students will learn to spell oi and oy sounds. Spellingcity.com is up for home use!

Handwriting- We will be learning to join cursive letters and review what we've learned so far.

In Social Studies students will continue learning about historical figures that have influenced America.


Students will finish the Earth unit. They will show the importance of the Earth's features. Students will show the properties of natural sources of freshwater and saltwater and distinguish between natural and manmade resources. They will also describe rocks by size, texture, and color.

Important Dates

Feb. 1-Planetarium comes to Wells!

Feb. 2-Students dress like a 100 year old!

Feb. 6-10 Parent/Teacher conferences

Feb. 14-Valentine's Day class party at 12:30

Feb. 20-President's Day holiday for all students

McDonald's Spirit Night (Coit and Parker)-Thursday, February 23!

Please have your child decorate the "I Love..." paper that is sent home in the Orange Folder (Feb. 2) and return it to school by Friday, February 10. Your child should draw a picture of what they love! It can be anything they love-their dog, family, cookies, water slides. They will need to put their name along with their grade on the lines provided at the bottom of the paper.

The folks at McDonald's will hang the art work for our Wells' Art Show. Each student can take their art work home after enjoying dinner at McDonald's Spirit Night on Thursday February