Come ONE come ALL!


Robert W. Groves High School

Band Rules and Regulations


Auxiliary Try Outs

* Interest meetings February 17th & February 29th @ 6pm*

In the Groves Bandroom

Conditioning and Tryouts dates are February 29th, March 2nd, and March 4th

from 4pm till 7pm.

Tryouts Saturday, March 12th at 12:00pm

• To try out for any Auxiliary position (Black Diamonds, Golden Gems, Brilliant Ice) for the Robert W. Groves High School High Stepping Marching Rebels Band, a candidate must be a current member, or up and coming member in good standing, of the GHS Band Program. 8th grade students from the local feeder schools coming to Robert W. Groves are welcome to join also.

• To try out for Captain, Co- Captain or head twirler of the Robert W. Groves High School High Stepping Marching Rebels Band, a candidate must have been a member of the Robert W. Groves High School Band for at least two years preceding the tryout.

No Bad attitude, Jewelry or No chewing gum will be permitted during try-outs.

• No special costumes or uniforms will be permitted. Candidates should wear

Black shorts and a solid White shirt that is fairly form fitting and does not interfere with the baton, Flag or dance routine. Tennis shoes should be worn at all times and hair pulled back and away from face. Smile at all times. (Smiles are uniforms too!).

Things you need to bring to Try-Outs:

• Candidates must have written approval from their parents. Parents will receive a permission slip at the informational meeting.

• A letter of recommendation from two of your teachers.

• A copy of your last report card from your advisor. You must be eligible to participate under current Chatham County Schools Grade requirements.

• These Forms will be attached to the Try-Out Packet.

To show up without these forms will have you sent home. Part of your tryout is to be PREPARED. Did you find out about tryouts the day of tryouts? Come to the next practice day with the needed documents and properly dressed.

• Auxiliary will be selected from the candidates by an independent panel of judges and senior Auxiliary members.

All decisions by the director will be final.

• There are five parts to the tryout process:

I. I. Performance

II. II. Demonstration of Dance, Spinning, twirling fundamentals (list attached)

III. III. Performance of group dance, twirls, and Spinning

IV. IV. V. Grades, conduct, attendance, teacher recommendations, and attitude will be factors in the director’s decision.

ALL decisions are FINAL. The student with the Coordinator can review the results so that the student can be ready to try again next year. Results will no be discussed with the parent.

Robert W. Groves High Stepping Marching Band Auxiliary Tryouts

Monday, Feb. 29th, 4pm to Friday, March 4th, 7pm

100 Priscilla D. Thomas Way Garden City, Ga. 31408

Day 1 , Day 2, Day 3

Conditioning each day which includes running and stretching

and Learning Choreography

Day 4