Take a NAHS class online!

Try something new that will prepare you for the 21st century

Benefits of online learning

Flexibility in Completing Assignments
Convenient Scheduling
Experience with online learning
Individualized assistance from NAHS Faculty
Exposure to 21st Century Skills

NAHS Online Courses that may be offered next year:

American Government & Economics CP
American History I CP
English 12 CP
English 11 CP
English 10 CP
English 9 CP
Environmental Science CP
Freshmen Seminar 9.5 (.5 credit)
Intro to Performing Arts (.5 credit)
Intro to Sculpture CP (.5 credit)
Junior Seminar (.5 credit)
Organic Chemistry Honors
Personal Finance (.5 credit)
Sports Nutrition
World History CP

Take an online class with a NAHS teacher next year!

Complete and submit the NCA application to your Counselor by Friday, February 28! See your Counselor or Mrs. Teles for more details!