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Tips from the Doctors:

1: Put REDEFINE Eye Cloths in the refrigerator and use them as a cooling, soothing eye compress to refresh tired eyes.

2: Carry on REDEFINE Eye Cloths with you on the plane to refresh your eyes and face during a long flight.

3: Bring the REDEFINE Eye Cloths to the golf course or tennis court and treat your skin as you remove sweat and grime. Follow with a layer of sunscreen.

4: It’s not beauty sleep if you sleep on your face! Doctor’s orders - sleep on your back to avoid pillow creases and deepening of natural lines and wrinkles.

5: When it comes to washing your face, lukewarm water is best. Contrary to a popular urban skin legend, heat does not open pores any more than cold shuts them tight.

6: Wear your sunglasses for extra protection and to minimize squinting. It’s an effective way to reduce future eye creases.

7: Use the REDEFINE Regimen on the neck, décolleté, and hands to reduce the appearance of lines and smooth wrinkles.

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