Weekly Update

Mrs. Wenberg's 4th Grade Class

This Week's Birchview Bobcat News featured a segment on our base camp overnight filled with pictures and video! Check it out here :)

BBN '15-'16 Week 13

A Look Ahead...

Here are some things we'll be working on over the next few weeks:

  • Continuing to explore multiple methods to better understand multi-digit multiplication
  • Learning about the history, and culture of the Northeast region
  • Reading Firsthand and Secondhand accounts of some Native American historical events
  • Performing Reader's Theater
  • Completing a multimedia project explaining the 12 Labors of Hercules (aka Heracles)
  • Introducing our new writing unit: Persuasive Writing

Northeast States, Capitals, & Abbreviations

Our quiz on the states, capitals, and abbreviations will be next week. Remember to keep studying at home!


Highlights from the past week

  • STEM Day
  • Box Method Multiplication
  • Learning about Patents
  • Enjoying More Greek Myths

Fun Link: Bedtime Math

Need a fun way to talk math with your 4th grader? Check out these 5-minute math problems.


Upcoming Dates

  • 1/18 - MLK Jr. Day - No School
  • 1/21 - Bingo Night 5:00-7:30 pm
  • 1/29 - No School - End of 2nd Quarter

Digtal Days

Our digital day schedule is:

Day 1: Spanish

Day 2: PE/Music

Day 3: Art

Day 4: Music/PE/Library

Day 5: Technology

Don't forget, you can see daily homework http://www.wayzata.k12.mn.us/Page/16163

Next Week's Spelling Words:

Here are NEXT week's words:

1. dictionary

2. abrupt

3. predict

4. import

5. locally

6. verdict

7. locate

8. portable

9. transport

10. bankrupt

11. dictate

12. location

13. erupt

14. passport

15. export

16. contradict

17. rupture

18. interrupt

19. disrupt

20. dislocate

21. vindictive

22. portfolio

23. jurisdiction

24. corruption

25. interruption

Helpful Links for 4th Grade:

IXL- Wayzata Sign in Page

Reinforce math skills through standards-based practice.

Spelling City

Practice weekly Spelling Words Online - If you prefer to use the app, find the list by searching for username Birchview4