defensive end football

by trace seiple

defensive end

it takes a lot of skill to play football and to keep playing game to game.

agility needed

playing football you need agility because you have to change directions to rather tackle the ball carrier or run the ball.

balance and coordination

you need to be able to balance because when you get down in your stance you have to stay there till the offense hikes the ball. you also have to be corrnated with your hands and feet because you have to be able to run and tackle at the same time.

speed and power

having speed helps you beat the guy across from you when they hike the ball and haveing more strength or power helps get rid or go around them to take the person with the ball.

reaction time

you need fast reaction time because once that ball is hiked you better get off the line or you will get ran over.

metal preparedness and toughness

being prepared for football in the beginning of games everyone is excited but you have to keep your mind of the game and you have to be tough because you get hit and you got to get back up and play the next play.