Medical Field

The Amount It Pays To Be In The Medical Field.

An Anesthesiologist earn the averaged amount of $234,950 per year.

An Surgeon earn an averaged of $231,550 per year.

Obstetricians & Gynecologist make about $218,610 per year.

Pharmacist earn the averaged amount of $111,570 per year.

And there's much more in the medical field.

By being in the Medical Field does it always mean you're on call?

To answer that, yes. When you first become a resident then most likely you're always on call. You are ALWAYS on call, and you're never off duty. Same with a doctor, there's hardly any time where you'er off duty.

Is being in the medical field dangerous sometimes?

Yes! Absolutely. It's worse if you're a nurse, at times, nurses get threats, or verbally abused. You're also taking care of ill patients, which is why sometimes, it is really dangerous, if the flu or other illnesses are passing around.