Anderson's Class Rules

Stay on the Straight and Narrow

First Semester Down, One to go

We're technically half way through the school year and this last half is really going to fly by. It's important that the rules we have set in place are kept in place for instruction to be productive, and for your time in class to be used to it's fullest potential. Consider the information below to be a set of reminders for this year's students.

Success Stealers

Unprepared for Class

We're halfway through January and we still have kids coming to class without pencils, paper, or their book. These are all things you can control. You should not be asking me for for these supplies on a regular basis. The things I do have to lend out I never get back which makes me reluctant to lend again in the future. As you grow into young adults, you have to learn to take more responsibility. This is a good place to start.

No Calculator

At the beginning of the year, phone calls were made home and emails were sent and conversations were had about the importance of having a TI-83/84 calculator for class. Some of you have been able to skirt by without one, but I promise you, you will definately need it this semester. We have a unit coming up in the spring which may result in some tears if you don't get one in your possession. You don't need the new fancy thing everyone else has. You need a TI-83/84 calculator. Life will be easier.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are permitted in the hallways between class and also in the lunch room during lunch. At times you may have special permission to listen to music in the classroom when we are working independently on assignments, however 90% of the time this will not be true. The other 9.99% of the time we will use it to play Kahoot or complete an assignment that requires the use of the internet. That leaves 0.01% left for listening to music on your close to never.

The items listed below count as electronic devices and should not be out in the classroom

This rule is not new. I will ask for the device. If it is not given up immediately, you will be written up for defiance.


Latenesses start over for the new semester. You will be written up for unexcused absences and tardies after the third occurance. Please review the student handbook on the school lateness policy and subsequent disciplinary action for repeated offenses. Actions range from detention to dates with the judicial system regarding truancy.

Incomplete assignments

It is important that you make arrangements to get work for when you were absent, or not at school. This is the responsibility of the student as stated in the syllabus and student handbook given to you at the beginning of the year. Incomplete assignments can completely destroy a student's grade especially if the work is never made up.

Extra Credit Assignments

These are extra assignments that are usually assigned to be completed outside of class. They are not required, and not completing them does not count against your grade. They can range in type and content and at times go beyond the stated curriculum, hence the "extra". These assignments may not be turned in late for credit and may only be completed if all assignments for that day have been completed. Credit is not automatic and will not be given for attempted effort.


Do not eat food in class or bring drinks that are not 100% water. Reason being is because we are now in the middle of winter. The furry creatures have come inside to find warm places to be. If we have food, we leave crumbs. They will find the crumbs and consider my classroom a fantastic food source. The other day a student knocked over a soda in class and by the end of the day scout ants were around trying to syphen the sugar from the drink. A couple years ago a girl had the luxurious experience of a mouse running over her foot during a third period class. Food is for the lunch room. Not the classroom. Drinks other than 100% water are NOT ALLOWED. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a referral, disciplinary action, and a phone call home.
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Cute huh? How about when it's running across your foot? No. What about when you find it's biological leavings on your desk? No again. That's what I thought.

Contact Me

If you have questions about any of the information above, please feel free to contact me using one of the methods below. My extension is 2116, or if you call during school hours, let the person know you want Room B116. Have fun.

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