The Timberwolf Times

December 13th Edition

"B" Week

PLCs: On Thursday

LST - none this week

Teachers in Charge

Monday through Thursday Justin Schultz and Michelle Robb will be the teachers in charge. Mark Vanduser is on chair rest. If you need anything please text me at 920-851-3481, I'm not sure if they will allow us to have our laptops open. April Keepers is covering Taft on Monday for emergency purposes only and Debbie Wedding on Tuesday. Please contact Justin or Michelle for discipline, they will keep things in order.

If you are having a holiday celebration please let the office know so we can answer parent questions

Looking for Supervisors

We are in need of three or four lunch/recess supervisors. If you know a parent that would be a good candidate for these positions please send me their name. We will be down one person in two weeks and another when we come back from break.


Just a reminder that the 3:00 bell dismisses bus riders to the bus area and Y-Care.

3:03 bell dismisses Claire-side students.

3:05 bell dismisses Western-side students.

Please follow this schedule, students should not be dismissed early.

Calendar of Events - new items in bold

12/14 - PTO Papa Murphy Pizza

Hrib@Coaching PD

12/15 - Hrib@Coaching PD

Staff Meeting canceled

12/16 - Hrib@Coaching PD

12/17 - Vision screening for 1st, 3rd, 5th

Principal mtg 8:30

PBIS admin mtg@1:00

PBIS mtg@3:20 in library

12/18 - Shattuck Winter Tour@1:10-1:50 in Gym

12/22 - LST@7:45

12/24 - 1/1 - Winter recess

This Week on Duty - Thank you for keeping our Timberwolves safe

AM Duties

  • AM playground - Kohls, Payne, Bushman, King
  • AM 4K - Ferkel

PM Duties

  • PM 4k- Ferkel
  • Bus riders/lot - Kohls
  • Bike rack, Claire side - Bushman
  • Bike rack, Western side - Pritzl/Flemming
  • Crosswalk Clair - Bissing
  • Crosswalk Western - Bonikowske
  • Crosswalk Western/Geiger -
  • Hallways - King (back hall), Payne (front hall)
  • Sidewalk (Western side) - Brookins -M/T/W; Mast -W/F
  • Sidewalk (Claire side) - Paiser-Wilson -M; Mueller -T/R; Marzahl -W

Taft Mission

Our mission is to support Taft families in their journey toward academic, social, and emotional success within a safe environment. As a team, we will guide, support, and provide direction to empower one another to become lifelong learners and respectful members of a community.