Hello Dear Parents

It's time to reveal what your child actually does in AIESEC

Who am I?

My name is Krishesh Lakhiani, I am a 21 year old BBA-graduate based from Mumbai itself. I currently am the head of AIESEC's local chapter in Mumbai and also lead the Executive Body 2016-2017 that your child is part of.

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What does your child actually do?

AIESEC is a leadership development organisation. We simply believe that the world will become a better place by having more leaders in this world.

Leaders who tend to empower others, are more solution oriented, self aware, are aware of the realities of the world and want to play an active part in changing it. We do this by providing corporate and social exchange programs in 130+ countries and territories.

And that is exactly what your child does, he or she is part of the world's largest youth-run organisation and the 19th best Local Chapter (Mumbai) out of 830+, in the world.

AIESEC - Stories that matter
AIESEC - Why We Do What We Do

What does your child get out of it? (Is it really worth it?)

Today, your child is getting the professional learning and experience very few individuals get at this age anywhere.

Let me put this in numbers:

- AIESEC in Mumbai alone handles finances worth Rs. 51+ Lakhs.

- We are currently partnered with 100+ corporate companies and organisations in Mumbai for example: Directi, ABEC, Tata Consultancy Services and even various start ups and SME's.

- There are currently 102 Members in AIESEC in Mumbai, all handled by our team. (We conduct their professional training, development and engagement).

Over their experience so far, your child has developed and has been exposed to various skills and gains which are highly critical for his or her future:

- Project Management

- Emotional Intelligence

- Communication Skills (Physical and Virtual)

- Communication Skills (Corporate and Social)

- Sales and Marketing

- Crisis Management

- Stakeholder Management and so many others.

The link below is a study/article on top skills required in the world today.

ALCong 2016 Aftermovie - AIESEC in Mumbai

Your Perspective Is All That Matters

The above video is the local conference of AIESEC in Mumbai that happened from 27th to 29th of April in Silvassa, this year.

This conference was for 3 days based to develop and train our membership on fields like Innovation, Marketing, Sales, Leadership and Self Development. Imagine your child at the age of 19, 20 or 21 years conducting such a conference for 50+ people. It was completely planned and executed by our team of 8 people.

As the parents of the Vice Presidents of AIESEC in Mumbai, it is highly important that you guys completely understand and support what they do and most importantly why they do it. At this age when they are just starting of their professional lives they might be a bit inexperienced in balancing their professional and personal elements, and I ensure we will constantly work on improving this on a daily basis.

Krishesh Lakhiani

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