dress code

alyssa palacio

Rights for dress code

Some people say that by having a dress code that it goes against the 1st amendment for freedom of expression. Other people think that schools should have a dress code because it keeps kids safe and helps the kids.

why people think they should have a dress code

People think that safety is one reason for a dress code. Positive educational environment. some schools make kids wear uniforms so they wont have problems with the dress code. When they have a dress code or uniforms it makes your academic success go up.

why people dont want a dress code

Kids cant show there own style. If you have to wear uniforms some people might not be able to pay for them. Goes against poelple right of freedom of expression which is the 1st amendment. If kis have to wear uniforms they cant really show them selves they have to cover who they really are by wearing the uniforms.