A beautiful country

Population and human settlement

In 2014 the human population of Hungary was 10,000,000 people

Hungary is below Slovakia, under Serbia, Romania is to the right and Austria is at the left

Budapest is the capital of Hungary

the main religion of Hungary is Catholicism

the main dish of Hungary is goulash

Physical Environment

2% of Hungary is mountain and the other 98% is considered flat terrain

Hungary has some rivers on the the borders and 10 lakes in the country

Weather And Climate

the Hungarian summer average temperature is 21 degrees and the coldest average temperature is -1. it rains mostly the whole entire year and theirs a lot of hills and mountains and that's why theirs a lot of agriculture


Research says that a average person in Hungary can earn about 3600$

the rent for houses are about 500$


people in Hungary expect to go through 17 years of education

In Hungary if you have a family of three or more books are free


the crime rate in Hungary are low

In 2014 there was 253 homicides