Nothing But The Truth

Written by Janara H.

Being Patriotic Means Getting Suspended

It has been brought to my attention at the Harrison High School that a student Phillip Malloy, has been suspended for singing the National Anthem. According to Phillip the assistant principle has told him that there is a rule for singing the "Star Spangled Banner" during the morning recordings when it plays. Phillip was kicked out of class three times for singing the National Anthem in one week by his homeroom teacher, Miss Narwin.

When the superintendent was questioned he stated that there is no such thing as a rule about being suspended for singing the National Anthem. To get further information the principle of Harrison High School, Dr. Gertrude Doane was asked about this situation, and was puzzled as if she knew nothing about the situation. Dr. Doane had also stated that "... You call me up and inform me about something of which I have no prior information...". Therefore she knew nothing about the suspension, and inquired that the assistant principle, Dr. Joseph Palleni handled all of the discipline in the school.

Dr. Palleni stated that he is in charge of the discipline in the school along with Dr. Doane. If that were true then she would have been able to provide information on the suspension of Phillip Malloy. Then he was asked "Did you inform her that in Friday you suspended a student. Phillip Malloy, for singing "The Star Spangles Banner"". I quote that Dr. Palleni stated, "I did no such thing". Then wouldn't answer when was asked what he was referring to.

Miss Narwin stated that when Phillip was singing the National Anthem "The boy was creating serious disturbance" is her exact words. In my opinion how could you create a disturbance when you sing the National Anthem while it plays. The singing is only respect for our country. Miss Narwin also tried to say that there is a rule for singing the "Star Spangled Banner" when assistant principle, Dr. Seymour already stated that there was no rule going against singing the "Star Spangled Banner".

My opinion of the situation is that it was taken too far. If we could't represent our country, while we live in it, then why have innocent people go out and fight for our country. We might as well just give up our rights, if were not proud enough to sing the National Anthem which represents our country.