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We want to thank everyone for a great day! Our students were engaged and learning! Some students were still recovering from their break :-) A little tired.

I wanted to thank each of you for making today a success! Your energy and excitement carries throughout the building! Students were engaged from the moment they entered the school: beginning with breakfast and continuing through their learning in the classrooms! It's so great to know that everyone at Silberstein is committed to learning. I told Mr. Freelon how great it is not to worry about visitor's entering our building. I said this because I know without a doubt that in ALL of our classrooms LEARNING is happening at all hours of the day! Thank you again for your commitment to our Silberstein Scholars.

ACP Group Data Meetings

Reading: January 9th

Math: January 10th

Items to Bring:

  • ACP Data
  • Data Analysis Sheet (bring a printed copy to turn in)


Content Teachers

Instructional Coaches

Special Ed. Teachers (participate in one of 3 sessions for both reading and math 3rd-5th grade)

TAG Teacher


Climate Survey

Climate Survey

Thank you to the 71% of Silberstein Faculty and Staff that participated by completing the climate survey. Overall, the data shows that we are going in the right direction. I will be asking for your suggestions as to how we can improve in certain areas. As always, I appreciate your feedback and honesty so that we can continue to grow as leaders.

You will receive an email with a link to google docs

Dollar Denim

January 8th and 22nd


Denim can be worn with a red shirt or spirit shirt!


You will receive an email with an updated calendar!

Upcoming Events:

January 14th: Division 4 Mock STAAR Test 4th grade Writing

January 16th: Parent Conferences 4-8 p.m.

January 20th: NO SCHOOL