Amazing Clams

By: Alessia Turelli


Can you imagine not having a colorful,two shelled creatures that come in different colors and sizes? The clam is that incredible creature. This colorful invertebrate has a habitat,can move, and the clam has an amazing body structure and appearance.


The clam really is a magnificent creature. Who would know that clams live in so many different places and that these majestic creatures can move? The body structure of the giant clam and the small clam is also very interesting. The clam is a very fasinaiting organisum and I hope to learn more!

Think Tank

For my Think Tank I did a quizzle. Take this quizzle to learn more about the clam. The quiz will give you more information about the fabulous clam! Also take a look at my clam word wall!
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For my diorama my creature is a clam. I added a clam with a pearl,and a piece of coral. I also added a clown fish swimming in the sea,and an octopus. My background is light blue construction paper. For the sand I used yellow construction paper with brown dots and tan lines. Lastly, I used some fake shells.
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Go Fish

For my Go Fish my group and I had the theme of Finding Nemo. My group and I bought five fish. We got one comet goldfish,and one blue crowntail betta. We also picked out a red vetail betta, one lemon peel angel, and one blue tang fish. For the decorations we got a coral ornament, a Nemo statue. My group also got a castle,and a Dory statue,and a background for our fish tank.We had $250 to spend we spent $209.95 and we had $40.05 left over. My group and I had a lot of fun designing this tank!


My pet clam burying itself in the sand