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Simply 3

Orchestra music is beautiful and soothing. Sometimes its best to listen to these music when you're stressed or trying to concentrate. Orchestra music isn't all about playing classical and sad music. Orchestra instruments can play many different type of songs from different genres. There are also many Orchestra groups around the world that do covers of many popular and new pop music! One of those group will be visiting us, the Howard Suamico School District, soon.

Simply 3 is coming to Green Bay on Tuesday, April 28. If you've never heard of Simply 3, its an orchestra group of three from Arizona. The three members of this group are all males. Instruments used in this group are the bass, the cello, and the violin. They play songs from genres of classic to pop. The Howard Suamico School District's Orchestra has been able to contact them and Simply 3 will be playing music with the orchestra program from the following schools, Lineville, Bay View, and Bay Port.

The songs each school are playing with Simply 3 are pop songs that most people know. Lineville will be playing, "Cups (You're Gonna Miss Me When Im Gone)" by Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect. Bay View will be playing, "Counting Stars" by One Republic and Bay Port will be playing, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams from Despicable Me. This will be a blast because Simply 3 from Arizona, coming to Green Bay to play with the Howard Suamico School Districts Orchestra. It was less than one day when the Orchestra themselves found out about tickets, and more than 1,000 tickets were sold! Cant wait for this day to come!

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Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas's Summer 2015 Preparation

Summer events are starting and practices are getting serious. Thats right, Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas has been up to practices all spring break for their performance. There's many events that are coming soon! Such as next month's Hmong tournament celebration. Its where the Hmong community gathers up and celebrates together at a fairground. Every year, this celebration is located in different areas near Green Bay.

At these events, there's food, music, sports, and fun! There's also competitions with dance performances, singing performances, and sports. You can hangout with your friends and meet new people and thats what this event is all about. Its great to meet new people and try new things.

Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas's Competition Experience

Back in December, the Milwaukee Hmong New Year was the best experience of dance competition for Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas. It was their first competition for that year. Day 1 of the New Year celebration, at 4:00 AM, Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas woke up, practiced, and got ready for competition and left to Milwaukee.

They got there around 7 or 8 AM. The place was decorated well and there was lots of security. The Hmong population in Milwaukee was much more than Green Bay's Hmong population. Sitting down in the crowd were Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas, shivering nervously and frightened by how much people were attending. While waiting for time to pass by, lots of groups did amazing on their performances along with singers. Time passed and before you knew it, it was Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas turn to perform on stage for the judges. The stage was so bright that it looked as if they were shining stars.

The performance went well for them. They weren't as used to performing to a crowd that looked 10 times bigger than where they'd perform at. Day 1 performance was over for them and they drove back to Green Bay. The next day was day 2 of the Milwaukee Hmong New Year. It was the last day and the day they found out the results for competition.

After their two performances the 2nd day, behind the stage were all the groups that competed against one another. Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas was behind stage hoping to be in the top 3. The MC's called down names of some groups and those groups were being disqualified. Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas were tied with 3rd place but judges made their decisions and Nkauj Hmoob Nplaim Dej Ntas took 4th.

Although they didn't place this year, they know what to do to to improve. It was a great experience getting on stage and competing with other groups that did such a wonderful job. They plan to work hard and hope to place again next year.