Ben Franklin Overcoming Obstacles

by writing articles to show that he can be successful


Ben Franklin was the 15th of the 17 child.He Left school at the age of ten because he needed to help his father’s candle shop. He was then self taught for education and went to work with his brother James.James always abused Ben when he was displeased.James was also jealous of Ben when Ben wrote articles for his newspaper business and he also punished Ben for that.Ben kept writing articles for James is printer business so he made up a name when he wrote his paper so James will know its not Ben.Then when James figured out it was Ben he got a huge punishment.Ben escaped and ended up in Philadelphia when he devoured some loaves of bread from the bakery.

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Benjamin Franklin

Bio cont. (Franklins Adult years)

When Ben was 17 he was able to find work due to his skills of being a printer's assistant.Due to his skills being so well he decided to set up his own printers business which ran successfully. He married Deborah Read in 1730 she was born on February 14th,1708 and died on December 19th 1774.They made stores such as the dry goods store and also a bookstore.He turned the Pennsylvania Gazzete into the most popular paper in the colonies.He even wrote the “Poor Richards Almanac” it became famous for the advice given.Ben also said this quote about the theme of his life

“Aversion to arbitrary Power.” This quote means that some people will pick on you to take control over you.

5 Amazing Inventions by Benjamin Franklin

Accomplishments and Inventions

Benjamin Franklin also has made a lot of neat accomplishments and inventions.The inventions he had made such as bifocals,The Franklin Stove,odometer,glass harmonica, and also Flexible urinary catheter. The accomplishments of Franklin are very fascinating like of discovering more about electricity with his kite experiment.There is also the accomplishment of him having a successful printing business and career,composed music and played three instruments and also founded the Pennsylvania hospital and university and still very many more.I think Franklin is a great historical man back then.

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