To Be Honest....


May 9, 2013 4:04 PM

Sometimes I find it hard to cope. The constant yelling, nagging, and hatred. It's difficult. Often, I find that I have no one to talk to about things: and if I do, they have no idea what it's really like. Their advice is empty.

I can't keep it all bottled up. That's what this is. A private page for my eyes only. So when I'm sad I can write about anything, and no one will know. I can vent through my words like I always have, only now there is no chance of anyone finding them.

I can add videos and links of memories and things that make me happy.

May 9, 2013 4:10 PM

So this is my first entry. Hopefully I'll be looking back at this sometime in the future and maybe be in a better place. My life isn't bad: I love school, I have amazing friendships, but school is by no means the problem.

It's home.

I work hard in school to do my best, but it's not good enough for my mother. She always focuses on the negatives.

61 on a math quiz!!!!!?????

But never cares about my writing or art.

She tells me I'm a smart girl but that I make stupid decisions. I disagree. I make mistakes. I'm human; we all do. She of all people should know that. Mistakes are who we are.

I just wish she could live with one of the snot nosed preps that go to my school. Maybe then she'll see that I'm really not that bad of a kid.

I mean, really! These kids are insane. They are ungrateful and rude. Not saying I never am, but they ALWAYS are.

But whatever. I guess some people just suck.