Ms. Moylan's Class Assignment

Create a Fun and Easily Viewable Presentation!

What Can You Do?

Great news class: we're not writing another essay! Instead, you'll be creating a Smore account and summarizing one of the short stories we've read in a poster. Using Smore, you can include anything from text, pictures, audio, embedded links, videos, and more in the presentation that you will share with the class.

What Is Your Assignment?

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  • Each student will create a Smore account using a student email address.
  • You will pick one of the short stories we've read during this unit. You will use Smore to create a poster summarizing the story. Your flyer should explain the plot of the story to someone who has never read it before!
  • You must include at least three options for presentation available on Smore (in addition to text and title, of course!).


Saturday, Feb. 20th, 9am

This is an online event.

Share your unique URL for the Smore flyer on our online discussion by the due date!

Ms. Moylan, I Still Don't Get It!

Okay, here's a sample assignment using the book Corduroy by Don Freeman...


(This is a "video" link.)

Corduroy The Bear

Corduroy is a stuffed bear who is hoping to be purchased by a young boy or girl. He is a brown bear with green overalls, and one of the buttons on his overalls is missing.
(This is a "bio" link.)

What Happens to Corduroy?

Corduroy waits at the department store to be purchased and loved by a child. A little girl wants to buy Corduroy, but the girl's mother says "no" because he is too expensive and missing a button on his overalls. Later that night, Corduroy comes to life and searches the big department store for a button to replace the one he lost. This search becomes an adventure!
(This is a "gallery" link.)
(This is a "button" link. A "form" link could also have been used here to connect to a Google Doc.)
(You can click on that title, too!)