Inspire Flyer 1:1

"No, but I have cornflakes"

Thinking outside the [cereal] box.

I never realized how useful a box of cornflakes can be. I'm not a big cereal person, so I don't have boxes of cornflakes lining my pantry.

I made a yummy-yum-yummy fried ice cream cake last week, which called for cornflakes. This frozen dessert was a big hit with my husband, but left me with half a box of cornflakes that were doomed to get stale.

Fast-forward 3 days + a trip to the grocery store.

My endearing husband loves this chicken recipe (see below), and I had the intention of fixing it this week. With careful planning, I added "bread crumbs" to the grocery list, and sent him out the door with a kiss. When the day came to make the chicken dinner, I could find no bread crumbs in the pantry. With a shouted question through the kitchen, Hubs-Extraordinaire replied with an apologetic look in his eyes.

So there we had it...forgotten bread crumbs.

In that moment, I channeled my ancestral women-folk, and they said to me, "cornflakes."

(Imagine the voice of Orson Welles saying, "Rosebud").

The cornflakes were a slam dunk alternative to the bread crumbs; Hubs-Extraordinaire said he even preferred the cornflakes--had a crispier coating. Below you'll find 3 recipes that I've used in the past, all which call for cornflakes.

Hope you've been inspired to try one!

Oh, before you go: If it has never occurred to you to use a Ziploc bag to flour stuff, consider your life simplified exponentially! Just throw the flour in a bag, add your messy chicken, and shake with the comfort of knowing the mess is contained.

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