GPS: What is it?

By David Waldock, 10A


Most people use GPS on a daily basis, whether it is for sat nav or for navigation apps/websites, such as google maps, but not many people what it is, or what the dangers are. This Flyer will tell you about GPS, and how to be safe on it. So, what is GPS? GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and it provides location and time information, anywhere on Earth. It can be used by Military, Civil, and Commercial users around the globe. It is the backbone of modernising  the global air traffic system, so it is very important for the flyng industry.

What is GPS used for?

GPS is used in many different ways, with the most well known being the sat nav used in cars. However, some mobile phones and ios devices use GPS when the user goes on the internet, The military were the first people who used GPS to help soldiers on the front line. Farmers use it as well, to track crop growth.

Apps that use GPS

There are a staggering number of GPS apps out there. Possibly one of the best apps around  is called AmAze GPS. It is a free app for the iphone, which you can view in 2D or 3D, that is also voice activated. Since it is voice activated, you could use it while driving, which is really helpful. Another good GPS app is called iWant.  This ap is designed to help you services and businesses around you. It uses the standard location services on an ipod/iphone to use GPS. Another helpful App that uses GPS is calles Waze. It is a cross between a social nerworking app and a GPS/navigation app, which allows yo to share location details with other "wazers". It tells you the latest accidents, hazards and traffic build ups in the surrounding area.