The World's First Scuba Diving Cat

by Alexis Y.

Narrative Essay

Have you ever wondered if any cat can change everything and even can scuba dive? Well, everyone thinks it would be dumb if a cat can do that. What would you think if a cat can do that. Well, you would think that it is impossible. This is a story of how a cat starts to believe in himself and took on to his dream of scuba diving.

There was a family with pet cat. Every once a year, the family goes to Hawaii to celebrate summer and scuba dive. The family always remember to bring scuba diving suits but always forgets to bring their pet cat. The cat hates it when his owners always leaves him at the house. There was one thing in his mind that no other cat wanted to do, scuba dive. All cats hate getting wet especially when they are bathing. He dreamed of scuba diving so one day he snuck into the back of the van and into the luggage. When they arrived, he steals some money and goes to a shop where they sell a lot of scuba diving suits.

The cat tries on the new scuba diving suit and sets off to practice. The cat was ready to scuba dive. He went to the beach and steps into the ocean, but there just one problem, cats hate getting wet. He swims right back to dry surface and was disappointed. He had forgotten that he hates getting wet. The owners spots him in a scuba diving suit and runs to catch him.

The cat had no other choice but to swim in the ocean. The owners grab their diving suits and jumps right in. The cat was struggling to see what was under him and his hate of getting wet has disappeared. He starts going underwater and finds a gigantic coral reef. The owners lost track of the cat and tries to look underwater. Not long, they found the cat right next to the coral reef. They grab him and went back up to the surface. Right above in the tower, the mayor was spying on them and couldn’t believe his eyes. He ran down with a medal and told them that he had saw their cat scuba diving in the ocean and he is the first ever scuba diving cat in the world. The owners never knew it was possible and was surprised.

The cat was awarded the first ever scuba diving cat medal and statue. The word had spread all over the world. People across United States to Russia have been training their pets to scuba dive. They have been making videos of dogs, cats, frogs, and even bunnies to scuba dive. The whole family had never knew that just one little cat can make a big difference. The cat lived on his dream and will scuba dive once again.