The Bully

by: Paul Langan

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The Bully starts out in Philadelphia, Darrell and his mother live in a small apartment. Darrell's mother works but doesn't get payed much. Her brother, Jason, offered her a nice paying job in California. Darrell and his friend, Malik, hang out for the last time. Darrell and his mother take a bus to California. They move into an apartment duplex with Jason, his wife, and his two sons.

Darrell goes to the supermarket and meets a girl named Amberlynn. When he is walking around the town he meets some bad guys, one is named Tyray. Tyray is like the boys' leader. They harass Darrell alot. They start taking lunch money and doing all sorts of mean things.

Darrell asks Mr. Mitchell for help and he gave Darrell, "Hatchet". Darrell read the book and it changed his perspective on his bullying problem. After reading the book he decides to join the wrestling team. That is defiantly a confidence booster.

Darrell goes to the Freshman Dance to see Amberlynn. He hangs out with her for a while. Tyray comes and takes Darrell to the bathroom to beat him up. After beating on Darrell for a good while Tyray and his buds shove Darrell's face into the trashcan.

The next day at school Darrell fights Tyray at lunch. Tyray goes to the nurse with a broken wrist and Darrell walks of with confidence.

Character Analysis

Darrel is a shy, small fifteen year old. He is scared of starting a new school in a new town. Darrell runs into some trouble. These guys started messing with him. He hides it from his mother and lets it keep happening. Later they start taking his lunch money. Darrell tells a teacher about it and he tells Darrell to read Hatchet. After reading the book Darrell is more confident. He joins the wrestling team and is getting stronger inside and out. By the end he is strong enough to beat Tyray when wrestling.
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Paul Langan

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1972.

He had had many different jobs that inspired him to write novels. In 1991 he started attending La Salle University, where he took creative writing classes and would receive a B.A. in English. Paul live with international students and went to a roommate's home in Kenya. He became a prison tutor and decided to write.

After collage he worked for a non-profit organization. Later he joined the Townsend Press as the Assistant Editor. After helping write several of their textbooks and teaching collage English he decided to use his creativeness to write the Bluford series. He has edited the all of the book in the series and authored or coauthored five of the ten books, including The Bully, Brothers in Arms and The Gun.

Most recently he has earned his master 's degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Book Comparison

The Bully reminds me of Dork Diaries, the main characters both find good friends to hang out with at their new school. Darrell and Nikki both run into the cool kids/ bully. They are harassed by the "cool kids". Their new friends try to help out but it just ends up worse. They both finally decide to do something to make the situation better.
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