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September 2022

Welcome - to you, to Fall, to this fresh school year! We hope fall brings you the opportunity to shed what does not serve you and grow what restores you.

With Gratitude & Grace

Liane & Kate

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Fall Foliage Report

Beautiful Fall Foliage Continues to Emerge Across New York State

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11 ways to be mindful in the autumn and make the most of the season

Autumn is a magical season and there are lots of things we love, from the leaves turning to Christmas twinkling on the horizon. And the weather's often better than in the summer.

The darker evenings can have a negative effect on our moods, particularly for Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers, so it's important to look after ourselves at this time of year.

Read on to explore ways to tend to your well-being.

How the "Lost Art' of Breathing Can Impact Sleep and Resilience

James Nestor writes about many aspects of how we breathe and how we can train ourselves to breathe in ways that may improve our health and the quality of our sleep and decrease anxiety. "We take 25,000 breaths a day. And 30 pounds of air enters and exits our lungs every day. So it's how we take those breaths and the nuances of those breaths that I've found play such an important role in health, happiness and longevity." We can constantly put ourselves into a state of stress as a result of anxiety or fear-based conditions--making the need for breath work so important in such stressful times. Listen to the full interview here with Terry Gross or check out James Nestor's book here.
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Find Out How to Bounce Back From Problems

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