iPads in the Classroom

Implementing New-Age Tech to Deliver Traditional Lessons

iPads in the Classroom

It's All About the Apps

"With over 65,000 education apps designed especially for the iPad and growing, just about every subject, learning style and grade level is covered." The iPad has quickly become a ubiquitous piece of technology. It only makes sense to adopt to deliver a more enriching classroom experience. There are many ways educators can implement lessons using the capabilities of an iPad to increase engagement as well as deliver better results.

Using iPads to Deliver Lessons

Thousands of apps exist for the iPad, which helps educators deliver a more enriching learning experience. Teachers can leverage apps as specific as teaching the proper usage of 'I vs. Me' or as broad as teaching an entire unit on the American Revolution. Virtually any lesson that can be though up is able to be enhanced by iPad technology. Delivering lessons and assessments electronically not only allows teachers to engage their students better, but it also delivers critical key performance indicator data, so teachers know where to focus their attentions (especially if many students are struggling with the same topic).
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iPads in Action

There are many ideas that can be realized using such a dynamic technology such as iPads within the classroom. Some examples are:

- Using the Phonto app to create images with accompanying text. These can be used for descriptive writing to add a visual element, or even in science lessons to document what students take pictures of (insects, plant life, etc.)

- Having students use art apps such as Drawing Pad to bring art into the classroom at anytime. Kids can be creative with drawings or paintings and can share them among each other.

- Creating a classroom blog using WordPress. Generating and understanding digital content will be imperative for students moving forward. This is a simple way to share ideas and media within the classroom.

- Record presentations with the built-in camera. Students can deliver presentations on any topic while the iPad records and saves the presentation. Students can then review the video with the teacher to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.