Alexander the Great's Fall

By: Makaila McQuarn


It was 323 BC and Alexander the Great was in Baghdad. He had spent the past thirteen years conquering a lot of the know world. While doing so, he created an empire that reached from Macedonia all the way to the fringes of India through Greece and the Persian empire. After he had returned to Baghdad after the long thirteen years, Alexander had a heavy night of drinking. Later on after several days, Alexander's body was racked by a fever and after a couple more days, he passed away.

Interview With Close Friend: Medius

RP: Is it true that you were one of the last people to be with Alexander the Great before he passed away?

Medius: Yes that is true, when he came back from traveling in thirteen years, i invited him over for dinner and a drink.

RP: There have been rumors circling around that you were the cause of Alexander the Great's death. How do you feel about these rumors?

Medius: Alexander's officers can even tell you i was not the once to kill him. He simply had a fever for far too long.

RP: One last question, do you think that Alexander died to young and that he would have conquered more had he not passed?

Medius: Yes, i do believe that my close friend had died too early and that he definitely would have conquered more if he was still alive.

RP: Thank you for your cooperation.