Cubs' Communication

December 2nd

Dates to Remember...


8th - 6th Grade Choir Concert

12th - PTO Meeting 6:30

16th - SMART Moves Celebration (6th)

16th - Ugly Sweater Day

20th - PAWS Assembly

21st- 1/2 Day 11:44 Dismissal

22nd-January 2- No School Winter Break


16th- No School- MLK Day


20th-24th- No school- Mid-Winter Break


24th- 1/2 Day 11:44 Dismissal


3rd-7th- No School- Spring Break


4th - Family Game Night

29th- No School- Memorial Day


8th- 1/2 Day 11:44 Dismissal

9th- 1/2 Day- 11:44 Dismissal- Last Day Of School

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Winter Weather is Here to Stay

We believe outdoor recess is an important and valuable part of our students’ day. Fresh air, exercise and time spent outside afford students a break from the structure of the classroom. With the ever-changing Michigan weather, it is imperative that your child is dressed appropriately and is prepared to play outside. During the winter season, every child should have a jacket, gloves or mittens, and a hat. If there is snow on the ground, snow boots and pants are necessary. If students do not have snow boots they will be limited to the blacktop area on the playground. Don't forget to label all your child's items!

December is Kindness Month! Let's spread some cheer!

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UCS Wellness

CARE of Southeastern Michigan provides free resources, programs and more for Macomb County residents. In this episode, Gloria Licata, UCS school social worker, sits down with two representatives from CARE, Susan Styf, President and CEO, and Teresa Sandner, Program Coordinator for Parent Education, to learn more about the offerings CARE has available.


The UCS Wellness podcast is a resource created by Utica Community Schools, a K-12 school district located within Macomb County, Michigan. The UCS Wellness Podcast is released on the third Wednesday of each month throughout the school year. For more on UCS Wellness, visit

CARE of Southeastern Michigan:


Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities, posted both internally and externally, are accessible through the district’s online job application site Individuals seeking promotional opportunities are advised to regularly visit the site. Application to vacant opportunities should be made through the system and in accordance with the process as identified on the specific posting. Instructional positions posted only for internal staff with specific application instructions will still be communicated via memo and not through the online applicant system.

Policy on personal items reminder

Any cell phones must be turned off and out of view during school hours or while on the bus OR IT WILL BE CONFISCATED and an adult must come up to school to pick it up.

Students should NOT bring toys, game boys, Nintendo DS or any hand-held electronic games, CD players, MP3 or IPods, PDA’s, memorabilia, special cards or other collectible or expensive items to school.

Collins Elementary School is not responsible for personal items that are lost or damaged.

Such items will be collected and kept in the office. A parent must come and retrieve any items they wish to have returned.


Remember ... it is very important that you report your child’s absences to the school. The attendance line answering machine is on 24 hours a day for your convenience.

The Attendance Line number is: (586) 797-4299

Please indicate when you call: Your child’s name, teacher’s name, & the reason for the absence.

Too Sick to come to school? Take a look at these health department guidelines

When is your child too sick to attend school? The following guidelines, along with the advice of your family doctor, will help you decide when your child should stay home:

• Cold and/or cough – a child with deep mucus that causes a cough and heavy nose drainage cannot function at school.

• Fever – fever is a warning that something is wrong. A child should remain at home for 24 hours after the fever is gone without the use of medication.

• Rash – a rash, spots or blotches on the skin can be the first sign of many illnesses. Rashes require a physician’s release stating they are not contagious.

• Stomachache/Upset – a child who is vomiting or has diarrhea should be kept at home and may return 24 hours after the symptoms are gone.

• Head Lice – a child with head lice must remain at home until treatment is complete and school officials confirm he or she is free of lice. Check your child’s head before school begins in the fall and routinely during the school year or if he or she complains of an itchy scalp. Look around your child’s ears and back of the neck for nits, which are tiny, 8 white, oval-shaped lice eggs that are attached to the hair near the scalp. Nits may look like dandruff or scalp flakes, but nits do not move and are difficult to dislodge. Notify the school office immediately if your child has head lice. Begin treatment immediately by contacting your doctor or purchasing over the counter medication from the drug store. To prevent spreading head lice, wash all infested garments, hair accessories, bedding and other surfaces with hot water and disinfectant. You must sign your child in at the office when he or she is returning to school after treatment for head lice.

Tutoring Opportunities

Click on the document below to access tutoring opportunities through the Stevenson High School National Honors Society.
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