Friendswood, Texas News

Its all about being involved in your community

Raise it Up (income)

Recently, The manager of Friendswood Heb was feeling generous and decided to give all his workers a 20% raise. We talked to a employee named Matt who claims, " The raise was a total surprise and has made me eager to come into work everyday." We asked the general manager the reasoning behind the raise and he states that is for an increase in productivity.

Friendswood Population BOOM (population)

Friendswood Welcomes 12,000 New Residents

Within the last six months, Friendswood has welcomed 12,000 new residents to the always growing town of Friendswood, Texas. The population boom is causing many new restaurants and stores to have to increase the quantity of food, houses, and other things throughout the community.

FRUIT PRICES INCREASE (related goods- substitution)

HEB has increased the fruit price by 15%

Fruit prices have raised which has decreased quantity demand for fruit and increased the demand for vegetables. HEB has experienced less people buying fruit and more people buying veggies.

Clothes Prices In Local Shops (expectation)

Prices of clothes in local shops around Friendswood are expected to increase

According to research, prices of clothes are expected to increase within the next few months. By January prices should be increased by 10%. People throughout the town are not happy about this change, so get your shopping done now!

New Arrivals

A new sushi restaurant is coming soon near YOU! (taste)

studies have shown that sushi increases brain activity so friendswood recently decided to build a new sushi restaurant called "sushi express" is coming to friendswood within the next few weeks." The taste of the food is excellent" says the owner Lee Nguyen. The board of friendswood decided that sushi would be a great new place for friendswood and would bring many new visitors to our town.