Federal Court System

My experience in the Federal Court System

When I first walked in...

After being placed on remand for several weeks, a bail that I was unable to pay, I looked around at my new surroundings. I noticed the US attorney, my attorney, that would defend my case standing behind a table. I noticed the US Marshall, the guy who maintains the court and the building security, standing near the Magistrate Judge. I didn't know much about what they did, other than they help with the caseloads of judges in District Courts. I was in the Court of Appeals, and I knew it was because they heard the appeals from not only the circuit cases around the district which is my case, but as well as the decisions from federal agencies.

Because my case had had so many strange mishaps...

I had first had an Original Jurisdiction that provided my first hearing, but then we had to go through Appellate Jurisdiction because they felt the ruling had not been sufficent. During the many, many hours in court, the attorneys agrued using facts, and slipping in many opinions. My attorney was doing their best, trying to get me less than my worse fear: Life Terms. I had no desire to spend the rest of my life in prison and because they had no precedent cases to compare mine too, I was a nervous wreck. But finally we had reached the point of verdict. "We find you..."

Facts about Courts

1. Courts hold trials for those accused of crimes

2. The goal of the legal system is equal justice under the law

3. The accused are always innocent until proven otherwise

4. Article III established the supreme court